I wanted to get a PS4 for remote play, but now I'm unsure- ps4 board is awful!

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User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#1
There are so many jerks. The XBO board has fanboys and console war stuff, but the people aren't openly mean and offensive.

Are Sony fans just mean and arrogant? Or is it ganefaqs?

The vita board seems nice.
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User Info: Ghaleun

3 years ago#2
Probably gamefaqs, lots of people on here are bored and randomly post things they think are comedy gold.
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User Info: bigboyrf

3 years ago#3
I mainly hang around vita board just because I like handheld gaming a lot more than console. That being said remote play is pretty cool, be better if there were RPGs to remote play.

And don't let others on any board get to you. I shrug them off and continue with my day.

(Seriously you should see people flip out on the pc board when you mention gaming laptop.)
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User Info: Ghaleun

3 years ago#4
As far as your question, from what ive been told it works pretty well but you have to get used to either using the front or back touchpad for the L2 R2 L3 R3 buttons since the vita doesnt have them. However in my opinion the vita is worth a lot more than just a ps4 accessory, if you get one look around at the games available for it, i have a very nice collection on mine that i play to death and also mostly got fairly cheap on PSN.
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User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#5
GameFAQs is bad and Sony fanboys are known as the worst. Thankfully Sony fanboys want nothing to do with the Vita anymore so we're nicer here.

The PS4 seems like a good console though and you don't need to use the message board to use the console.

User Info: Ghaleun

3 years ago#6
I dunno, ive seen some pretty vicious Xbots out there too, thankfully i dont have either so i can look at them objectively lol. WII U MASTER CONSOLE! lawl
Memento mori

User Info: BigReed

3 years ago#7
Where the feature currently stands, I don't think you should buy a console just for remote play. If you own both however, then you might find yourself utilizing the feature. It actually even works fully over wifi, which is cool if you're going to be out of your house.

However, even when remote play is working well by remote play standards, the controls are a pain (you make some significant sacrifices) and it's still a bit laggy.
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User Info: Gafemage

3 years ago#8
Voelger posted...
The vita board seems nice.

It's kinda weird to hear that considering how pessimistic this board was for so long, but come to think of it, a lot of that pessimism seems to have trickled over to the Wii-U board...

Anyways, I'm sure that's more representative of Gamefaqs' userbase than the PS4 community; it's one of the fastest-selling consoles in history, so there's probably multiple demographics you'll find online. That being said, you might wanna wait until there's more exclusives/a price drop before you purchase a PS4.
Cautiously optimistic about the future of both the Wii-U & Vita.

User Info: Ghaleun

3 years ago#9
Its the internet, everyone is irrationally angry here, some just hide it better than others.
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User Info: therealpokenar

3 years ago#10
I think the Vita board is nice because of how badly the Vita is doing, cutting out the ego that the PS4 board probably has.

Anyways, I'd advise not getting a PS4 unless there is a game out for it you REALLY want that isn't on a device you already own.
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  3. I wanted to get a PS4 for remote play, but now I'm unsure- ps4 board is awful!

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