New Vita buyers: Would you have still bought Vita Slim if it weren't for BL2?

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User Info: blinkfreak

3 years ago#31
I just wanted a vita. I might try out BL2 if I get bored. But I already have a bunch of physical vita games I'm actually interested in.

User Info: freutty2

3 years ago#32
I want to get a Vita Slim, but I have no interest in BL2
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User Info: LeFeverBeaver

3 years ago#33
I only played the first couple missions of BL2 as Zero on 360; may end up picking up the bundle if Gamestop has any extra. The local Gamestop (yea, I'm looking at you, Gamestop at the PX on Schofield Barracks, Hawaii) only seems to order enough of new stuff to fulfill pre-orders. It's very frustrating. "Well, then, preoorder it!" you might say. But I say "Nay nay!" I won't give them the satisfaction of succeeding with that weird business strategy. If I wanna pre-order it, I can do it through Amazon. Else I can just go home and download it. Easy peazy.

ANYWAY, /rant, I got a little extra dough to burn and I wan PROBABLY gonna get BL2 anyway... so this is basically $160 for the Slim. Maybe I can just keep it in the box and bust it out when my OLED dies. Or, maybe I will actually enjoy the Slim more and opt to sell the OLED. Who's to say? What do I look like? a psychic?
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User Info: Sidewinder-7

3 years ago#34
Picked up my slim this morning, I'll prob sell mine, as I played it for a few hundred hours on PC. Its a great game though.

User Info: Prince_Pyro

3 years ago#35
Just picked mine up. I probably still would have bought it even without BL2, but getting a new system AND a $30 memory card AND a $40 game for $200 is quite a deal any way you slice it.

No regrets! :)
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User Info: Dijinaka

3 years ago#36
I sold my vita before, decided to buy one again when tales of heart was announced. BL2 is just a bonus (still a great deal though)
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User Info: ILoveYou

3 years ago#37
Raven_Shikumi posted...
Zero interest in Borderlands 2.

so YUP i guess its a nice incentive though even though i probably wont play it.
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User Info: MoonKnight2

3 years ago#38
Borderlands didn't affect my decision to get a Vita Slim. I've wanted a Vita for some time, and I like the Slim improvements over the original Vita. With my PS+ sub, I have plenty of games to keep me and my soon-to-be-purchased Vita busy. The inclusion of a memory card made the bundle worthy of a purchase for me.
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Gandalf the Istari 3 years ago#39
KiraWins posted...
Gandalf the Istari posted...
No, which is why I bought an OLED Vita ~1.5 week ago.

used or new?

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User Info: TheSmiech

3 years ago#40
ivanhellsing posted...
elmars369 posted...
Raven_Shikumi posted...
Zero interest in Borderlands 2.
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