New Vita buyers: Would you have still bought Vita Slim if it weren't for BL2?

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User Info: Kazuhira07

3 years ago#41
When I bought the AC III Bundle I had no interest in the game. So I'm sure there are plenty of people
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User Info: tokeiozu

3 years ago#42
Yup, almost bought an import Slim months ago but really wanted to support the US market and finally have a US Vita so cross is Yes instead of No like on my HK Launch Vita :)
PS Vita USB charging fixed:

User Info: Mitsumanic

3 years ago#43
BL2, despite having played it 6 times already, pushed me over the edge to buy the slim. The slim model itself and all the free games were main selling points though.

User Info: TriangularTwig

3 years ago#44
Yes. my decision to buy a vita happened a few days before the bundle was announced so I decided to wait for it, otherwise I would have gotten a Vita a few months ago.

User Info: JaimeAstin

3 years ago#45
No... Was never interested in a vita. Cross save and borderlands 2 drew me in... Now that I have one, I am happy for it for more than bl2.

Indie games and re-releases of games I never played are enticing.

Loving the 2000 vita and now I will be buying a mother card

User Info: nouseravailable

3 years ago#46
acerola-orion posted...
therealpokenar posted...
elmars369 posted...
Raven_Shikumi posted...
Zero interest in Borderlands 2.
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User Info: ThePurelife

3 years ago#47
I bought the slim to buy the slim. I sold my Borderlands 2 code, was never big on the franchise regardless of the reviews.

I AM however very excited for the great wave of Summertime indies coming and still bustin' through Persona 4G

User Info: 39_Miku

3 years ago#48
I wouldn't pick Slim either way, and Borderlands 2 is a reason NOT to get it instead.
Because I'd rather have the Vita box include a game I care about.
Dislike. Hate. It hates humans. We'll get along.

User Info: mjc0961

3 years ago#49
I have a Vita, and while the upgrade seems nice, I haven't bought one because of Borderlands 2. I refuse to pay $40 extra for a crap port of a game I already played on PS3 when it was newly released.

Sony, where's that $160 stand-alone Vita Slim?
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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