Should I buy the original vita or the slim vita?

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User Info: Enigma_Neo

3 years ago#1
I do not own a vita, so which one i should buy? and how much is the difference in their price?

User Info: MetalZoic

3 years ago#2
I say go buy a slim. Play it for a couple weeks. Take it to Gamestop and compare screens with a used 1000. If you prefer yours then keep it. If you prefer the 1000 screen then return yours and get the 1000.

Simple, problem solved.
That will be $20.

User Info: InkSpell432

3 years ago#3
It's based on preference. I picked the Vita 1000 due to its quality.

The PS Vita 1000 is the one with OLED screen. Color is much more vivid, and brightness hardly affects battery life, which lasts about 3-5 hours without charging. This is also the model with 3G support. You have to buy your own Memory Stick to download games.

The PS Vita 2000 is a lighter and cheaper version of the original. The 3G support is removed and the OLED screen is replaced with an LCD screen. A significant change in color, and brightness affects battery life a bit more. However, that's backed up with longer battery life, like about 4-6 hours. Also, this model has a 1 GB System Storage, along with an 8 GB Memory Stick, which makes this deal worth it, because they're expensive.

They're both equally powerful, but I believe the buttons should feel different. Again, this is based on preferrence.

And not every accessory for the PS Vita 1000 can be used on the 2000. Just a small precaution before buying.
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User Info: Paulthesnug

3 years ago#4
Either one is a good choice. Games look more saturated on the 1000 and look more realistic on the 2000. If you prefer the colors of the 1000 turning up the brightness on the 2000 alleviates this a bit. Either way it will still have a much longer battery life. Just jump for either one. You can't really go wrong here.
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User Info: Spiffy247

3 years ago#5
It really depends on which features are more important to you. I suggest you do your research yourself.
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User Info: kamui22

3 years ago#6
I personally feel that the OLED screen of the 1000 is what really gives the Vita its standout feature over other devices.

I dread the day if ever my 1000 dies on me and I have to settle for the LCD of the 2000. If they don't bring back OLED with the inevitable 3000 then I imagine how much people will be selling the 1000 for online...

User Info: OhGoodGrief

3 years ago#7
Original vita. It has the badass accessory port.

User Info: VyseLegendaire

3 years ago#8
Original Vita and you can still get them from Japan, a new bundle is being released on July 10 with a case + mem card for less, including shipping, than the Vita costs in the US.
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User Info: shauntennine

3 years ago#9
Slim. BL2 bundle.

User Info: GamerRaf

3 years ago#10
1000 is better. OLED is leagues better then LCD and LCD looks more washed out.
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