Should I buy the original vita or the slim vita?

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User Info: hoopotus

3 years ago#11
OhGoodGrief posted...
Original vita. It has the badass accessory port.


So do yoy have some good examples what to connect to it or just for the status symbol it is?

User Info: WartPig_

3 years ago#12
depends on one question

how long do you plan on useing the system? because one screen has a garbage lifespan and is very very fragile and built on new unreliable tech.

i have both btw
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User Info: Solid_PW

3 years ago#13
InkSpell432 posted...
brightness hardly affects battery life

Elaborate pls

User Info: PotatosPls

3 years ago#14
why not go try both at a gamestop?

thats what I did.

they let you test them out and typically try not to be biased, luckily the two guys that helped me played devils advocate, one of them was for 1000, the other for 2000.

It was really fun and helped me decide.
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User Info: Blazefire_

3 years ago#15
Hard choice.. I'm still trying to decide myself :( The original has a great screen but the slim is lighter, and has a longer battery..

I also already have an OLED vita but deciding if I should make the jump to the slim..
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User Info: mjc0961

3 years ago#16
InkSpell432 posted...
It's based on preference. I picked the Vita 1000 due to its quality.

The PS Vita 1000 is the one with OLED screen. Color is much more vivid, and brightness hardly affects battery life, which lasts about 3-5 hours without charging. This is also the model with 3G support.

FYI TC, 3G support is useless which is why Sony dropped it. They even stopped making 3G enabled 1000 models, so getting one will cost much more than it's worth (which is nothing).
AnthonM2 posted...
BTW I don't see The Last of Us as a western game because many asians worked with Naughty Dog on the game
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