Any reason why the Phoenix Wright Trilogy isn't coming to Vita?

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User Info: Sonytendo

3 years ago#32
Apocalypsah posted...
suitup19 posted...
With as strapped for cash as Capcom is why would they port it to vita? It already is a niche title, putting it on a struggling handheld is just a dumb idea. iOS makes sense because of the amount of people with Apple devices. I love my vita but why do people on this board have to ask dumb questions so much?

You're kidding, right? The series has sold over 5 million copies worldwide without taking the sales of the iOS in account. These are results of a niche series to you?

It's huge in Japan. Vita is improving in Japan so it would be common sense for Capcom to bring them to the latest handheld. Besides, like I stated multiple times now, the games have barely been updated since 2004 and they aren't going to change much in the 3DS version either. You're talking like it would cost them a fortune to port them to the Vita.

5 million games over 15 releases. Sounds niche to me. Also it's huge compared to Vita games but compared to 3DS games in Japan it's dwarfed by much more popular games and an overall healthier software market. It's just a decent sized niche series.

User Info: RennanNT

3 years ago#33
There's advantage in making exclusive games.

Between a great exclusive and a great multi-plat, which one you think a console manufacturer would advertise in its e-shop? AA5 and MH3U spent a lot of weeks on the 3DS main page, for example.

Another big aspect are the console wars or just recommendation. Whenever people discuss whats the best console/handheld, they always come to exclusive games list. 2 pages of one about 3DS vs Vita and you likely see people talking about MH3U and P4G (good or bad). Had both being multi-plat (with no big problem) they would hardly be mentioned.

There might also be deals between the companies, though I don't think its the case here, because Nintendo doesn't even include 3rd party games in their ads, I doubt they would pay for them to be exclusive...

User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#34
I don't get why Japanese developers in general don't go multiplat. Maybe the overlap of Vita and 3DS owners in Japan is just so big that it's not worth it? Western devs can do timed exclusives but they always come to the other platform still.

I like the second screen in these games and it would feel weird to me not playing them on a double screen device but apparently it works well on iOS.

Kind of lame with a last gen port to a backwards compatible device tbh but I can understand Capcom wanting some of that digital distribution cake.
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User Info: ToQ7

3 years ago#35
It's kind of a Nintendo franchise. It may not be a first party one, and it has appeared on iOS and Phoenix has been in MvC, but as far as consoles go, it's kinda Nintendo exclusive.

So that's your reason. Another would be that Capcom clearly has little to no interest in supporting the Vita, plus the audience for PW is pretty firmly rooted on Nintendo consoles. So it is what it is.

User Info: OlimaC-gamer

3 years ago#36
Asking for an Ace Attorney game on Vita is like asking for a Danganronpa game on 3DS.
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User Info: cris1ussen

3 years ago#37
I think some of the reason that Capcom don't want to release on Vita, could be:

1) They will need to "re-paint" the game again but in HD, the previous games always was just simple "ports" of the DS game (even the Wiiware version), so technically it will take time to develop, not counting the add of touch controls of Vita and the others feature/gimmick that the console have

2) Actually i don't think if the game will be well received on Vita, i remember that was a Harvey Birdman game for PSP that was quite similar or a "response" of a Phoenix Wright game on a Sony handheld and wasn't very good

In any case it would be good if come to Vita, but if its 3DS only, I'm OK with that too
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User Info: LiquiDZerO

3 years ago#38
ResetTears posted...
Arkkana posted...
Because they have always been on Nintendo systems?

I'd say that's a fair argument, but there's been quite a few franchises that used to be Sony-only, but have since gone to Nintendo platforms.
Putting Persona Q on 3DS for example is definitely of the most perplexing decisions I've seen lately on that front.

Exactly, Final Fantasy had "always been on Nintendo" prior to FF7. Tales jumped to Sony after the first game, same with Star Ocean. The Metal Gear Solid (solid games not the others) series got big on the Playstation, but that didn't prevent it from going to the Xbox and the Gamecube remake. The Gamecube remake would be the exact same situation of a very popular title getting an exclusive entry on a platform with a smaller user base, and it seemed to be a very big budget remake as well. The only explanation to TCs question really is exclusivity contracts and money, to this day there hasn't been a port of MGS: The Twin Snakes on any system. Same thing with the Resident Evil gamecube remake, which had fantastic looking pre-rendered backgrounds.
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User Info: hustlin_pimpste

3 years ago#39
BambooPandamo posted...
You missed the whole point.

Why do you, in particular the Vita fanbase, feels the world owes them games? Why is it that people here seem to think they know more than the corporations they're port begging off?

The Ace Attorney has been on a downward spiral, yes. Capcom, like other publishers at the time, attributed the lower sales of the sequels on the rampant piracy going on. There's a WiiWare version of PW, an iOS version, and now a 3DS version. Yet despite how "easy" of a fit it would be on the PSP, PC, etc .... Capcom hasn't done it? Capcom who loves money above everything else hasn't felt the need to port the PW franchise to those platforms. Nobody loses their mind there.

Only Vita fans do, the question I bring forth is, why? Why so much entitlement?

That's a heavy dose of salt right there.

It's a forum about games. People often ask this sort of question - Halo on Sony, Dead Rising on Sony, GoW on 360, etc etc etc etc etc.
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User Info: kabutokouji

3 years ago#40
Lucretia_Merces posted...
I know I'm going to regret this, but...

To kabuto:

Besides Marvel vs. Capcom and Monster Hunter Frontier GG, what other games from Capcom does the Vita have?

Back on topic:

That would be nice. Capcom hasn't given us Resident Evil: Revelations, either. Wish we had both. :-(

To Reset Tears:

Why is Persona Q perplexing? It's a crossover of a spin-off built on a modified version of the Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl engine. This game wouldn't be possible on the Vita since it doesn't have a second screen. That said, I do think there's much more to Persona Q than it simply being a crossover. I wouldn't be surprised if this results in the core Persona series going multiplatform between Sony and Nintendo.

well, there is a dragon's dogma for the ps vita, there street fighter vs tekken, I know there are a few more, but im not a fan of ca[com besides frontier and street fighter, so w/e.
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