No Dub NO BUY!

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User Info: Spotlesseden

3 years ago#61
here is example. no Japanese voice, but English voice. you get pay once, that's it. They can release the game every where and you don't get pay more.

Even some TV actors don't get pay royalties nowadays if you are a small nobody.

User Info: hijokaiden

3 years ago#62
You need to pay licensing fees for using japanese voices for each territory, take the case of Senran Kagura Burst. Xseed decided to publish a Marvelous game and use the japanese voices in the US version they will have to pay licensing fees/royalties to have the right to put the japanese voices inside the US version published by themselves.
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User Info: StrikeNinja24

3 years ago#63
Its not even a good sub from the looks of the trailer. Seriously, you had a whole 12 or so lines to do.
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User Info: SonyhateVita

3 years ago#64
You all think murica is the center of the world? Lol. In case you don't know vita sold the least in Murica and the most in Asia. I guess square really f###### your brains big time huh? 2 years of disappointment and you guys can't take it anymore. My sympathy for you all.
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User Info: mhfan2007

3 years ago#65
No Dub NO BUY!
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User Info: hyper12

3 years ago#66
This is the most childish thing I have ever read...
I tried to be open minded but I was afraid my brain would fall out.

User Info: Makino_Yushiro

3 years ago#67
What baffles me is that the sub community went through this same battle before when it was Eng dub only, yet the dub community can't do the same thing. They wanted a Japanese voice track but they never got one until Tales of Symphonia Chronicles this year. But the sub community stuck with supporting the localization of the series that they love and slowly but surely, got Namco Bandai to listen.
Had the sub community went up and arms boycotting and making a fuss like the dub community is doing right now, do you think we would've gotten Xillia, Xillia 2, Hearts R and Zesitiria? No. Namco Bandai would've just jumped ship after giving the series another chance with Graces F.
So by boycotting, you aren't really doing much harm to the company, you are only shooting yourself in the foot. Namco Bandai already mentioned multiple times they had no interest in localizing this game, but due to fan demand, they finally gave in. They came in to this project already expecting a small return but if that return is even smaller than expected, what do you think is going to happen? They are going to localize games for the Vita but with a dub next time? No. They simply will just stop the support for the Vita and that is a loss in the Vita community as a whole.

Let's not sugar coat things, the Vita is on life support. Its gotten nothing but indie and ports of games that existed already in NA. Games like Hearts R that is exclusive to the Vita in the NA is a rare occurrence. Lets get the Vita back on its legs first before throwing a fit about insignificant things.

User Info: 39_Miku

3 years ago#68
Self-entitled brats.
You're not a hero, you're just a random nobody crashing a truck into a gaming company's headquarters.
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User Info: kishnabe

3 years ago#69
No Localize, No Buy!

They localize I buy...JPN voices are better than English anyways.

User Info: gldoorii

3 years ago#70
They localize I buy...JPN voices are better than English anyways.
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