Dub or Sub ?

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User Info: gadgaurd

3 years ago#51
I ususally prefer sub. I can think of a few anime where I prefer a dub, and maybe one or two game series.
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User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#52
Depends. It annoys me when they don't translate after battle quotes and things like that so I might use the dub, but I do prefer subs for the most part. I'm fine with a quality dub, though.
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User Info: paramite12

3 years ago#53
Dub for games and sub for movies. At least in a game they can change the lip syncing. I don't like watching a movie with audio that is obviously not coming from the actor's mouth.
I don't play jrpgs though so it's pretty much never a decision for me.
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User Info: Startech_Viper

3 years ago#54
Dubsta... o_O
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User Info: 2020_Nino

3 years ago#55
Generally, dubs because of preference. I just seem to enjoy games and anime more like that, but movies in their original language with subs are fine with me. Yeah, I have a weird standard.
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User Info: darod2007

3 years ago#56
Ouch, looks like Bamco is gonna regret not having a dub.

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User Info: rajin_donuts

3 years ago#57
Where's the don't care option? I'll buy it either way.

User Info: electraflux

3 years ago#58
SUB all the way! because american dubs are horrible... and i prefer play or watch anything in their original language.

i tried a couple of games with dub and they're really horrible compared to its original voice, it looks like american VA's arent trying at all when they're dub anything that comes out from japan.

PS : but i love british

User Info: Starbound2013

3 years ago#59
I like the ones that are dubs with literal Japanese translation subtitles. The dragon ball and the samurai champloo DVDs I have are excellent for that, and coincidentally two of my favorite series.
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User Info: prince_nagash

3 years ago#60
I prefer dubbed, but I hate losing out on a lot of the in-battle dialogue that is not translated.

Things like, "It's not over", or "Die", or whatever battle cries they might have.

Example would be Tales games.

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