portable charger question

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User Info: pyro261

3 years ago#1
I just bought a portable charger for the Vita, the one that Sony makes for it. Just wondering how you charge the charger?

Did they change cables with the slim version and I need a cable from the older version of the Vita?
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User Info: Ryupower

3 years ago#2
for Sony's official portable charger

it has a USB (5v DC out ) and a VITA charger port(5v DC in)(the SAME port the OLDE vita has)
so you NEED a VITA USB cord to charge it

User Info: The_Nach0

3 years ago#3
Yeah, the official portable charger is meant for the old Vita and thus requires the old Vita cables.

If you want a portable charger for the slim model I've heard that the switch to micro ish cable has allowed most portable chargers to work. They tweaked how that model charges I guess.
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