Rant: No, we didn't buy our Vitas for this. But the future of gaming is bright.

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User Info: BossBang

3 years ago#1
We bought our Vitas for quality gaming on the go. Everyone's mileage will vary, but personally I loved every second with my launch Vita so far. Sadly, recently Sony has shown it will bring less support with exclusive original content for Vita in the future.

Am I happy about this? Hell no. Sony has blundered spectacularly hard lately in regards to Vita news and announcements (the Type 0 fake out was the most embarrassing and damaging video game announcement I've ever seen.)

That all being said: I'm still beyond stoked.

The lucky few of us who were able to snag and enjoy both the Vita and PS4 have had a chance to really test the capabilities of true network gaming. Personally, my experience with remote play has been staggeringly better than expected.

My network is very very good, and playing Ground Zeroes at a friends house hundreds of miles away with zero lag was nothing short of amazing.

I've been following Sony's very bold move towards cloud gaming since they acquired Gaikai. My experience with Remote Play has me very very excited to see Playstation Now in action.

Playstation Now will complete a unique trinity that has never been attempted, let alone accomplished ever in video game history: A portable system that is able to play complete last generation console games, original portable games, and new current generation console games as they release.

Skyrim, Assassin's Creed Unity & Killzone Mercenary. The Last of Us, The Order 1886, & Soul Sacrifice Delta. All playable on one dedicated gaming device that is portable.

Vita represents something beyond PSP vs. DS wars of the 2000s. With the Vita, Sony stumbled across a model that was physically impossible 10 years ago. We saw a flash of it at the PS4 announcement, and I think that the traditional way of thinking (EXCLUSIVES NAO) has made many pass judgement on something huge without realizing.

Sony is looking to destroy the lines between console and portable gaming entirely, and creating a network that is simply gaming, accessible from any Sony device, anywhere.

That is powerful. Let me rephrase for perspective: Sony is seeking to make ALL it's content completely multiplatform with itself.

The Playstation TV is the first standalone device created 100% with this purpose in mind. It plays PS3 games, plays your PS4 games, and plays Vita games. It does PS1 and may one day do PS2.

The future of gaming as a whole is bright. I think it's important that the Vita receives more original Vita content, Sony is failing at this hard. No, we didn't buy our Vitas for this, but 2 years later Vita is doing things we never dreamed it could.
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User Info: TheEntitledOne

3 years ago#2
The PS Vita is a flop.
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User Info: Starwars4J

3 years ago#3
Just want to correct one little thing: the PS4-Vita remote play certainly has lag. Granted it's not terrible as the PS3-Vita remote play was, but it's still there.
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User Info: Round_Dice

3 years ago#4
BossBang posted...
We bought our Vitas for quality gaming on the go.

Not me, my handhelds leave home once in a blue moon.

Also, if Sony was aiming to create the type network gaming you're talking about, they would effectively be undermining the sales of all of their consoles at the same time.
Why buy PS "home console" when I already have PS "portable" and can play all of the former's games on the latter?

This isn't Sony building a future, this is Sony burying the Vita in the west while selling a peripheral that salvages the good games the Vita has.

They're just reusing their assets and earning a quick buck while focusing on the PS4.

User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#5
I never asked for PS4 or PS Now streaming nor do I want it. There are other devices out there better for streaming than the Vita too, devices with actual buttons instead of a crappy rear touch pad.

The future is bleak as hell but thankfully there are some very nice VITA games coming out this year.
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User Info: KuzuryuSubaru

3 years ago#6
But I love my vita for it's Vita games. The PS3 barely had anything good and the only good PS4 games are Vita ports and Ground Zero.

I don't want the Vita to give a "console experience", consoles post-Generation 6 have been terrible. And the last thing I want are cinematic "movie" games like TLOU or cutscene simulators like Beyond 2 Souls.
They went out of their way to make us pay for features that could have easily been added as a free, offline, inclusive function
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User Info: animefan1000

3 years ago#7
Don't know what your on about, I bought my vita for the waifus
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User Info: Apocalypsah

3 years ago#8
The lucky few of us who were able to snag and enjoy both the Vita and PS4

Stopped reading there. Don't want to read about remote play, Vita should be a standalone device.
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User Info: XCrossYZ

3 years ago#9
Is this E3 again?
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User Info: VyseLegendaire

3 years ago#10
TheEntitledOne posted...
The PS Vita is a flop.

::spits out Cola::
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