Vita 1000 others: replace the "mystery port" with something else.

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User Info: Kageblade23

3 years ago#11
i voted for UMD attachment however it seems the "mystery port" was a general port that could support hdmi out

--What is Vita TV's display resolution?
1080i. Game will be rendered at 964 x 544.
To be honest, the original Vita already had scaler built in.
So there is no new scaler installed this time?
Well, there is not, at least for now.
Wait, does that mean, the original Vita only just required cable interface to shoot images to TV display?
Note: the original article only mentioned 'interface'.
Yes. Of course.
source via NeoGAF

all it needed was a cable and firmware update but i guess since the Vitatv was in production 4 months or so prior just remove the mystery port and push the PSTV for vita out

Shimada stated “To confess , PSVita already includes a video scalier.” Then the journalist asked “You are telling us that original PSVita was supposed to broadcast to a TV via a single cable interface?” Shimada, once again stated “exactly.” “Another engineer said during the interview that the PSP 2000 can be connected to a TV via an appropriate cable . This last thought suggests this type of product with for PSVita . Ultimately, the idea was not accepted. It stated since the new slim PS Vita 2k,does not have this type of connection, the PS Vita TV is here to satisfy the players wanting a TV out solution for their Vita’s.“

however the only problem is the PSTV doesnt play about 90% of the vitas library and the vita is supposed to be used as an app machine?

seriously sony spinning all these storys isnt helping your case on where the vita stands...
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User Info: RandPC

3 years ago#12
L2/R2 adapter makes the most sense if you support Sony's position that the Vita is primarily intended as a connectivity device for the greater Playstation ecosystem.
ie. if you're investing in a PS4 and intend to use remote play, and wish the rent games from PS Now and stream them to the Vita, with actual discrete Vita games as a secondary usage I think this makes by far the most sense. Without it, the Vita isn't very well suited to being a secondary streaming device.
If the Vita was originally designed to be a streaming device first and foremost, then skipping L2/R2 was a horrendous design decision, and it's overpowered for such a use which needlessly drives up the price.

UMD attachment is immensely appealing... but ideally wouldn't even be necessary if Sony could get all the PSP games on PSN, and allow them all to be downloaded to the Vita without requiring a PS3 as an intermediary.

SD card adapter is appealing... but wouldn't be necessary if Sony had half way logical pricing on PSVita memory cards in the first place.

Their all essentially workarounds to issues that shouldn't exist.

Video Recorder might be the only thing there that makes sense as something that couldn't likely have been there at release with reasonable foresight.

User Info: Axel21x

3 years ago#13
Muffin button.
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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#14
I'd buy a vita with a waffle maker.

User Info: RiFoThAs

3 years ago#15
SD card adapter. I have 64gb ones just lying around *sigh*
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User Info: ResetTears

3 years ago#16
Cable input to attach this to:
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User Info: GuvmentCheese

3 years ago#17
There are 3 things the Vita could use to make it unbeatable: Triggers, use of an actual SD card, and an HDMI out.
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User Info: dancer62

3 years ago#18
Arctic_Wolf510 posted...
UMD reader.

I'm waiting for Bandai to release the WonderSwan/SwanCrystal II and blow both the Vita and the 3DS away.

User Info: GamerRaf

3 years ago#19
No slushy machine?
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User Info: stargazer64

3 years ago#20
pPpPancakes posted...
*sigh* I meant to write owners instead of others in the thread title.

I refuse to vote in flawed topics. Sorry.
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