Any word on Tales of Hearts in Canada?

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User Info: No Name Gamer

No Name Gamer
3 years ago#1
My EB Games has no info if this will be available yet it's been available for preorder on the US site for months.
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User Info: PotatosPls

3 years ago#2

canada is always slow when it comes to this.
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User Info: Spike21

3 years ago#3
I've been checking since it was announced. Even for Canada, this is slow. Usually there's only a few weeks delay at most. Not a huge deal, but a pain in the ass.

And there's a lingering doubt that it won't come to Canada. Meaning I'd have to order it online :P
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User Info: rstewart00

3 years ago#4
well since the released date is nov I would worry if no news by sept, if not I would find out if gamestop ships to Canada and go that route or like one piece, Namco should have the physical also.
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  3. Any word on Tales of Hearts in Canada?

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