Before I get into the Sword Art hype

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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
2 years ago#21
Darkstorm16 posted...
I just wonder how much memory will I need to prepare for this.

3.5gb, not including the patch.
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User Info: natchu96

2 years ago#22
Yeah, the plot would probably be a big issue. There are more "hanging out with the girls" scenes than plot progression for a long time (slimes and tentacle monsters still have this unhealthy obsession with Silica's outfit too, if that's a problem for you), and the plot feels almost like an unoriginal excuse in hindsight. You don't see it much at least, and the events are generally optional.

The Hollow Area arc is completely different but the heroine clearly has a thing for you (textbook SAO), and you do save her once or twice (textbook SAO still). It's the open world part of the game though, and the content is huge even without DLC or patches. Also populated with overleveled enemies relative to your base level of 100.
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