So why do people not like 10-2?

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User Info: WhyitEarp

3 years ago#41
Last good FF was IX

User Info: Compass

3 years ago#42
TerryJ999 posted...
The only great thing about that game was the opening credits.

Hell yes. Opening credits were so good. They belong in another game quite frankly.

Rosencroitz posted...
X-2 is better than X by far. Though, that isn't saying a whole lot.


User Info: Ooseye

3 years ago#43
badboy posted...
Other than that, the game actually has better gameplay than the first one, but the story is not as good.

Which is saying a lot since X's story was nothing to brag about.
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User Info: TJT13

3 years ago#44
INKU48 posted...
You play as girls. Stupid as it may sound, I think this is part of the "problem" for some people.

Not anymore, for instance a large part of the game for me was spent with creatures.
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User Info: S1lver_Bullet

3 years ago#45
WhyitEarp posted...
Last good FF was IX

yeah, it's surprising how that ridiculous character design could win me over because the story and flow were great

yeah, FF X-2 concert thing is stupid. I think it fails because it's supposed to be a fun story then it tries to hard to be serious. The battle system is awesome, beautiful and quick even addicting sometimes. One of the non action RPG battle that I can enjoy

User Info: IHeartJessAlba

3 years ago#46
Best gameplay of any FF I've ever played. Absolute worst plot. It felt little-kiddish, very girly (edit: not that there's anything inherently wrong with girls/girly things, it's just not what I was looking for in a sequel to FFX), extremely poorly acted, and just everything about the game besides the battles felt just awful.

Job mechanics were cool, but the fact that it was designed so a bunch of creepy otaku's could play dress-up just soured me.

X itself wasn't really even a good game. Solid gameplay, and great world-building, but almost everything else was complete trash.

I never got more than 1/3rd of the way through X-2 and have zero desire to see any more. Take the gameplay and copypasta it wholesale into an actually good plot, and I'll be happy.
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User Info: WhyitEarp

3 years ago#47
Good to see other people realize X was garbage too

User Info: deaththekidd666

3 years ago#48
I'm not even half way done with X-1 and I freaking HATE tidus.
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User Info: Compass

3 years ago#49
X was horrendous.

User Info: WhyitEarp

3 years ago#50
Amen! Terrible characters, cringe worthy moments, bad story telling, too linear, did I mention Tidus being the worst protagonist ever!?
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