Is it ''OK'' to leave the Vita ON for a week?

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User Info: Jx1010

3 years ago#1
On Stand By mode - Results (168 votes)
Yes its ok
66.67% (112 votes)
No its bad
12.5% (21 votes)
I have no idea
19.05% (32 votes)
I dont have a Vita
1.79% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I use the Stand By mode often so I wonder if it truly is fine to leave it on like this....

User Info: GigaDogqHD

3 years ago#2
I havent turned mine off in 6 months
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User Info: Flyingsock

3 years ago#3
I haven't turned mine off for any extended period of time ever since I bought the machine. I only turn it off briefly when needing to reformat, change memory card, and switch accounts to my Japan PSN account so I can access Japan digital games and DLCs.
Such a long backlog of games T_T
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User Info: iRPGluvver

3 years ago#5
I haven't switched mine off for months.
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User Info: shag777

3 years ago#6
Well, the battery might get damaged, but idk. Personally, i would turn it off whenever possible.
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User Info: D_Winds

3 years ago#7
For a week is no problem, Standby is just that good. But I'd be a tad worried about the Vitas that have been left on for months...
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User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
3 years ago#8
I think i have only actually turned my Vita OFF when i upgraded my memory card. Other than that it has been on since i bought it at launch haha.
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User Info: jb08045

3 years ago#9
I've had mine for 2 months and only turned it off once
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User Info: Ryupower

3 years ago#10
i keep mine on(most of the time)
every so often(or when having some connection problems, i do a reboot (power it off, then back on)
i also keep it plugged in most of the time
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  3. Is it ''OK'' to leave the Vita ON for a week?

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