Pure curiosity: What makes Akiba's Trip, Oreshika and Freedom Wars popular?

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  3. Pure curiosity: What makes Akiba's Trip, Oreshika and Freedom Wars popular?

User Info: ShinryakuDeGeso

3 years ago#1
Just wish to know more about those three games.
Why do people want to play them so much?

User Info: Gamemaster64

3 years ago#2
You get to strip people(male and female)
don't know but Japan seem to hate it
Another Hunting game
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User Info: PotatosPls

3 years ago#3
art style art style art style

akibas strip is unique

freedom wars is from a popular genre that doesnt see much activity in the west and is made by a prominent hrpg company

oreshika was already deemed the staple rpg that will be the base of future jrpg localization for the west, not to mention it doesnt seem like youre average run of the mill rpg.

all of these have unique art that gives it personality that other games don't capture.

thats just my take on it anyway.

its the same reason games like ni no kuni bravely default and various others did pretty well - sure they were unique and had some huge companies working on them, but the art style coupled with the music and overall feel - its just a mysterious experience that isn't too often recreated. (and I didn't even like bravely default or Nnk, I can just appreciate the effort in the atmosphere).
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User Info: BibikiBayBoy

3 years ago#4
Akiba's Trip
Its theme, unique gameplay, open world

Freedom Wars
Design, thorn mechanics, accessory mechanics

User Info: falloutbeast101

3 years ago#5
Akiba's Trip: The humor and fanservice?

Oreshika: It looks beautiful and the gameplay stuff is intriguing.

Freedom Wars: It just looks awesome. I played the JPN demo and the combat really knocks other hunting games out of the park. DAT THORN.... hnnngg

User Info: j2zon2591

3 years ago#6
Might be a bit refreshing from certain indie games being provided.

Akiba's strip seems to be trying some sort of anime comedy.

OreShika has a water-color reminiscent art style, party and face customizations and a twist of them dying for a certain period.

FW is relatively a more budgeted Sony involved/published VITA game (contrast to Murasaki Baby, VITA Pets, etc.) as of recent from the popular handheld multi-player action genre.

User Info: luna_jjang

3 years ago#7
Akiba's Trip, I think it's because its such a unique game that you've never really experienced.
You get to strip people. Who would've thought about a game like that

Oreshika, the predecessor was already popular being a very solid, unique RPG.
The system is unique, you keep making children to keep your family alive and beat bosses and stuff.
It makes you dive into each of your family members, when they die you will find yourself in tears.
Well, that was the first game.

The second game Oreshika: Tainted Bloodline is getting a lot of negative responses, but not because the system sucks, but because of a character that took all the plot line.
Because this game is supposed to have you interact and sympathize with your family, a character who takes all the spotlight really pissed players off.

Freedom Wars, its again some new Hunting game developers thought of
Every born human gets a 1 million sentence, you've got to do chores to reduce that sentence.
A cool thing I found was that Whip Action of some sort, you shoot a whip-like string and move instantly. If you're good at it you can stick on walls and move around nicely.

This too is receiving negative responses because of its brutally hard difficulty.
But after they did a Patch, this seems to be fixed somewhat, players say if you go Multiplayer it's way too easy now.
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User Info: furygods

3 years ago#8
AKIBASTRIP is a revolutionary innovative game. Naturally people will be interested in something this innovative.

Oreshika Is also innovative.

Freedom Wars not so innovative but it is a hunting game and the Vita is starved for those.
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User Info: gadgaurd

3 years ago#9
I've heard people praise how faithfully Akiba's Trip recreates the Akihabara District.

Oreshika is an RPG, nuff said.

FW...not sure.
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User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#10
Akibas trip doesn't seem like my kind of game. Got to wait for reviews, and more gameplay footage.

Oreshika also doesn't seem that special to me. It seems to have really interesting art style, but it might still be mediocre rpg, so cant say anything about that either.

Freedom wars does seem to lack in variety of pretty much everything so my hype has pretty much died for the game.
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  3. Pure curiosity: What makes Akiba's Trip, Oreshika and Freedom Wars popular?

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