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User Info: kvmer

3 years ago#21
MetalGearOnAcid posted...
When I first saw this topic title I thought

-pawn shop

Then I came in and was like oh.

Haha, same here.
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User Info: thebatdadd

3 years ago#22
People kind of think of the Vita as a failed tablet and the 3DS as a classic Nintendo handheld. Sony tried to be successful with Vita by having good graphics but forgot that game play is the #1 priority in games. Nintendo didn't forget this and that's why 3DS has better games and better game play, and therefore better sales.

One of the biggest franchises on the PSP (if not THE biggest) was Monster Hunter, and that went to 3DS too. The Vita is basically useless now and that's why it is pretty much dead. They should rename it to Playstation Morte lol.
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User Info: tendoboy1984

3 years ago#23
What if Sony tried to get the third party games the 3DS has? Third party support sold PS4 over Wii U, so it could help the Vita as well.
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User Info: SalsaInABowl

3 years ago#24
Games don't sell consoles? Explain to my why I'm ready to buy a Wii U when Smash 4 comes out.
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User Info: Yomigaeru

3 years ago#25
Sony has spread itself out into so many markets, that they've got competition from all sides. Audio systems, phones, TVs, Blu-Ray, games...there are a lot of divisions to account for. I don't believe Nintendo has as many, therefore they have fewer arenas to focus on. Nintendo may be able to dump money into the Wii U to keep it afloat, but when Sony is taking hits in its TVs, phones, and the Vita...
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User Info: KuzuryuSubaru

3 years ago#26
robertwarnes91 posted...
See I don't understand why people keep saying they need to make games to save it.

The PS4 barely has any games, in fact Sony has published more games on the Vita than the PS4. Yet the PS4 has already outsold the system.

Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway couldn't shift units, I doubt any game really can.

I the issue with the Vita doesn't stem from the games on it, people flat out don't want a Vita.

It will be very interesting to see how well Tearaway sells on the PS4. A system in the West, people actually care about.

Selling consoles is incredibly easy though if you are willing to do what Microsoft does. Slap on a DVD player (Blu-Ray as well), TV service, a shooting and and a sports game. Watch it sell millions.
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User Info: GigaDogqHD

3 years ago#27
Put a golden ticket in it
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