XSEED recives critism over the use of "trap" Akiba's Trip

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User Info: oomomow

3 years ago#81
Jimag321 posted...
lol shut up trap :)
please dont take my karma away

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User Info: paperwarior

3 years ago#82
Not that controversy isn't manufactured sometimes, but the posts on here sound a lot like news site comments from angry old men who think that political correctness is the first step to communism and we're all going to be put in FEMA camps and forced to gay marry. It saddens me to see the gaming community buy into the "social justice warrior" boogeyman so wholeheartedly, because it gives credibility to the lousy generalizations made about us as nerds and gamers.
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User Info: terra_ultmia

3 years ago#83

Traps, i've always thought, usually meant a male who look so convincing like a female, both in looks and dressing like one.

but if the American communities are offended by this, then they need to go look up the anime, "Secret Princess Himegoto" (http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=10475), where it about 3 "trap" that are known male, but likes to dress up like a female...

seriously...trap = transgender...and if they're offended by it...then the only thing they should be offended is when they're insulted in public. trap isn't really an offensives term but JPN's term for transgender...and if you ask, i perfer calling a shemale a trap than a transgender for two being, one, it less offended and two, it better sounding than transgender...

User Info: Rat_a_tat

3 years ago#84
XImperialDragon posted...
Wow, the internet image board the statement originated from in that game is supposed to be specifically evoking a particular type of online social media that is known for being excessively vitriolic and hateful, and they couldn't seriously have done any less and it still have been evoking what they were parodying (2chan, 4chan, Twitter, etc.).

And they still caught flak for it? Are you kidding me?

Yes. You see, in this instance, a localizer is being criticized for doing too good of a job of making their game's dialogue realistic and believable.

I wonder what 4chan thinks about all this...
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User Info: lostseraph7

3 years ago#85
DarkLaguna posted...
Wow, people will do anything to make themselves offended so they can play social justice warrior...

Seriously. What the hell? The internet slang "trap" is over a decade old and people choose to be offended now? Gee, I wonder what recent trend has been increasing lately to cause that to suddenly happen.

User Info: blasster

3 years ago#86
yukito posted...
blasster posted...
Here's the weird thing; if it is offensive, why is there no complain at all from the Japanese community before the game is released for English speaking audience?

Japan has less of a culture of rocking the boat, even regarding social issues.
Things like homosexuality, for instance, are ignored or considered to be nonexistent or phases that people grow out of. Whereas in America you have people fighting for gay marriage rights.

In essence, different cultures will see things differently, so that's not a good argument to use to dismiss the issue.

I suppose that's one of the reason that makes game localization harder than it should be, even at this day and age....., a pity indeed.

Then maybe about how it is used on the game itself? Different culture aside, the example I have read here is the instance where it is used on internet forum.

That being the case, I think calling an "anonymous" a trap shouldn't warrant an offense, it's more like an internet parody the way I see it.

You have people who randomly type, "I'm a girl" too if you often play F2P like DoTA or LoL, in which most people response with, "Girl = guy in real life", which is probably about equal to this "Shut up trap" response. Not meant to be offensive to any actual transgender out there.
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User Info: MasterGraiden

3 years ago#87
My signature says all it needs to on this subject
I support free speech, speak as you will and say what you will, for only the truly weak are harmed and the ignorant offended by the words of another.

User Info: Dersu_Uzala

3 years ago#88
I used to appreciate XSEED, now it seems like they only localize waifu and moe games.

User Info: Holden_Mcgroin

3 years ago#89
I can only imagine that if Mel Brooks released Blazing Saddles today that it would be considered the worst movie of all time.
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