Ps Vita or 3ds?

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User Info: vnzmstr

3 years ago#1
Hello Everyone!

I have been a psp user for years and now that I have finished all of the games that I like, it's time for a new portable gaming console. Understand that I am always on the go and that is why I would like your opinions on which portable console should I choose - Ps Vita or 3ds? I can only have one, can't buy both. I have read a couple of pros and cons online but I needed more info as to which console should I pick. I have waited this long so that the game library of both consoles will increase. Also, these are the genre that I love: Fighting, Racing, RPG, and Adventure.

Please feel free to give your thoughts on this and I would appreciate it.

Thank you so much for reading my post and have a great day ahead of you :)

User Info: Lazy Jones

Lazy Jones
3 years ago#2
I would honestly take a look at the game library for each. Decided which one has more games that you like, and buy that one. They're both good units.
>: |

User Info: Ooseye

3 years ago#3
If you have a PSP you already have access to most of the good content that the Vita has to offer (PSP and PS1 games) and more when it comes to games like Crisis Core that aren't on PSN.
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User Info: Xeedroa

3 years ago#4
If you can stand the 3DS' hardware, 3DS, if you don't have a PSP or PS3, and can't stand the 3DS' hardware, Vita.

User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#5
If you did have a PSP and not a DS then I suggest you get something capable of playing DS games. A 3DS would be a good choice.

I consider the Vita better for Fighting and Racing (unless you need a portable Mario Kart) while the 3DS is much better for RPGs and probably Adventure games too, even if the latter is a vague term.

I'd say the 3DS has more quality exclusives but if you do most of your gaming on handhelds and this is of lesser importance then the Vita has a better library of games. Unless you never owned a DS.

User Info: GigaDogqHD

3 years ago#6
There are three types of people on GameFAQS...those that agree with me, those that are wrong, and those that are insane

User Info: yomomma0919

3 years ago#7
Vita has better fighters
-Street fighterXtekken
-Dead or alive 5+

3DS has better rpgs
-Both Etrian Odysseys
-Fire Emblem
-Mario & Luigi Dream Team
-SMT Overclocked

If you want to play old DS games get the 3ds.
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User Info: DeliFlatChest

3 years ago#8
Megidolaon for everyone!
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User Info: calender68

3 years ago#9
I think the 3ds is a billion and one times better
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User Info: luna_jjang

3 years ago#10
Ignore console specifications.
I mean, okay so let's say Vita can have detailed 3D graphic games. But what if no games utilize that functionality?
You see what I mean? The console hardware specifics usually have no influence on you particularly, it's for the game developers.

So, look at the game list and see which one has more games you want.
This is how I decided my console, 3DS had only 2~3 games I wanted to play but Vita had 5 or more.
Never decide based on the console itself (i.e. don't buy 3DS just because it has 3D effect), buy based on the game (i.e. some games don't use 3D effects so it was useless to get 3DS for 3D effect)
Can't wait for Oreshika
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