Ps Vita or 3ds?

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User Info: nononoyesyesyes

3 years ago#31

the thing is a 3ds is backwards compatible. seeing as you only played the psp, you missed out on quite a large amount of games.

my ds library was larger then both my wii/3ds/wiiu(no surprise there).

3ds is backwards compatible. had it not been i doubt id have picked one up.

i love my vita, dont get me wrong, but you missed out on an amount of games that were on no other system.

its a double edged sword:

if i want my psp games i have to double dip and even then the price of memory is enough to make people balk. yet theres been a reasonbly good stream of new games.

as for the 3ds, my entire ds library outweighs my 3ds library. nintendo titles rarely ever price drop. games from 2006 bought new today cost just as much as they did almost a decade ago. o.O?
even so, just for the ds library/hardware is way cheaper/no fleecing of propreitary memory.

you could get a 3ds w/memory card and still have money left over for games, compared to a vita/memory...

another hard part is the eshop vs PSN. PSN has more savings deal offered then the eshop from my exp.

even so, you could rebuild your psp library only to find youve been locked out of some great titles... *cough* KH:BBS/PSP2 *cough*

take into account both library of games, find something you like, go with it.


User Info: falloutbeast101

3 years ago#32
PS Vita.

The only problem is the stupid expensive memeory cards, but yeah, PS Vita beats 3DS in every category.

User Info: KillZoneAI

3 years ago#33
When it comes to exclusives the 3DS have WAY more and they also have better quality and value than the Vita exclusive.

3D exclusives include (only the ones I know about):
Phoenix Wright series
Professor Layton series
Pokemon series
Zelda series
Mario games
Luigi games
Super Smash Bros
Monster Hunter series
SMT series
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Tomodachi Life
Persona Q (not released yet in US)
many great JRPGs from Atlus
Upcoming exclusive new IP from Nintendo (Codename S.T.E.A.M)

Vita also have many good games but most of them are not exclusives, Vita have many great indies that are not on 3DS like Terraria, Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Lone Survivor and upcoming Minecraft but all these can be played on other systems like PC or consoles.

Vita exclusives include (only the ones I know about):
Persona 4 Golden
Soul Sacrifice/Soul Sacrifice Delta
KillZone Mercenary (I heard it's the best FPS on handhelds but never payed it myself)
Little Big Planet Vita
Sword Art Online (released two days ago)
Toukiden: Age of Demons
Danganronpa series
Upcoming exclusive from Sony (Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines)

Both Vita and 3DS are VERY different from each others, as someone who owns both I even feel weird when switching to one after spending few weeks with the other. It's great having both because of the different experience each can provide.
Vita haters will tell you that Vita has no games, well they're liars...there are many games
3DS haters will tell that 3DS is for kids, they're also liars...I'm 23 year old gamer and had a blast with Nintendo 3D games.

Spend some time checking the games for each console and never pay attention to fanboys of either side.
PSN id: KillZoneAI
3DS FC: 4957-4496-9365 I Pokemon X IGN: Dina

User Info: SearchmanV16

3 years ago#34
Which one is better for sports games? I feel like getting the Borderlands 2 bundle is so difficult since it offers the most value for $200.
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User Info: Mivo

3 years ago#35
SearchmanV16 posted...
Which one is better for sports games? I feel like getting the Borderlands 2 bundle is so difficult since it offers the most value for $200.

For sports and racing games, and fighters, I'd get a Vita. Look at the game lists and watch some gameplay videos, though.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
3 years ago#36
Xeedroa posted...
If you can stand the 3DS' hardware, 3DS, if you don't have a PSP or PS3, and can't stand the 3DS' hardware, Vita.
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User Info: Glockass1

3 years ago#37
Dunno most 3DS games don't excite me. I'm not interested in playing yet another Mario/Luigi game. VITA has so many more games that I want to play. I have both consoels and 3DS is only used for MH :/
Steam ID: Glockass1
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