Man, I want to get a Vita but :/

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  3. Man, I want to get a Vita but :/

User Info: Sami1000

2 years ago#11
You should try to get your hands on experience with the system. After that check out these games:

Soul sacrifice delta
FFX, which comes with X2 as well
Walking dead season 1
Persona 4 golden
Muramasa rebirth
MGS collection
Disgaea 4

Just a few games for the starters. Also, did you ever own PSP? If you didn't buy Vita right now, because there are a lot of good PSP games to play as well, like:

Gods eater burst
Monster hunter freedom unite
Metal gear solid peace walker
FF4 complete
Tactics ogre let us cling together
Dissidia 012
Breath of fire 3 (EU only)
Dynasty warriors strike force

and many more.

User Info: x40poundr

2 years ago#12
Don't bother. Get a brand new Iphone or android phone and enjoy having actual games released for it.
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  3. Man, I want to get a Vita but :/

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