Some useful moves that are easily missed

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User Info: Werzaque

5 years ago#1
So... the game is almost out over there, and I thought I'd list some moves that are easily missed while playing. Reason for doing this is because I've seen some people (wink) miss out on parts of the game because of a lack of understanding of the controls. Which, admittedly, the game does only a half-decent job of explaining.

Break fall:
When falling in natural gravity, you crash to the ground if you fall from a certain height. You can break the fall by flicking the screen just as you are about to hit the ground.

Bounce of walls:
When falling while shifting, you usually "land" on any object that happens to be in your path. There are times (such as in the challenges, but also when you're navigating your way through narrow paths) that you don't want this to happen. To avoid this, simply press R as you are about to hit the wall. You will bounce off the wall and still be in zero-grav mode, allowing you to quickly shift gravity again.

Emergency brakes:
When pressing R while falling, you'll stop, but there's still some momentum involved. If you really want to stop pin-point in mid-air, use the gravity grab (which is assigned to circle in the Japanese version).

Sliding and kicking:
When you come into contact with an enemy while sliding, you'll dish out an uber-powerful kick. This is an extremely under-appreciated maneuver that can clear an entire group of Nevis in a whim. Downside is that some practice with steering is required for best effect.

Use objects as shields:
Grabbed objects will block enemy fire.

Repeat gravity kick:
Immediately after landing a gravity kick, cancel the rebound and dish out another kick by pressing L -> R -> [] in quick succession. Can be done many times in a row. Be careful though as it also means you're sitting still in a single location, which can make you vulnerable to enemy fire.
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User Info: akshat_316

5 years ago#2
Great post T.C.I am sure that there will be a lot more tricks that we can explore.Can't wait for this one.
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User Info: Byhalia13

5 years ago#3
Awesome, thanks for the tips TC.
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User Info: Zalyagunryai

5 years ago#4
You can flick dodge at any time kat's in Grav-shift mode. she can't dodge midjump in normal gravity, but can on sides of buildings
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User Info: Mu_Nova

5 years ago#5
Tagged. Thank you very much~

User Info: Rip3465

5 years ago#6
Bumoed for usefulness.
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User Info: Megabest39

5 years ago#7
There is also something that may be of use. Try pushing UP on the + pad
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User Info: Werzaque

5 years ago#8
Megabest39 posted...
There is also something that may be of use. Try pushing UP on the + pad

Falling in first-person view gave me one hell of a motion sickness : )

Also: press DOWN on the d-pad to reset the camera. Also works in anti-grav mode (the floating mode) so it's very useful for when you've become disoriented. Which kind of happens a lot.
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User Info: ILoveTrackbikes

5 years ago#9
Thanks for sharing the knowledge Werzaque.

I bought a vita for this. Man this gem is so close I can taste it!
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User Info: xthewingmanx

5 years ago#10
Just thought I'd bump this for everyone who's getting the game today. I found these tips incredibly useful during my play through, although I wish I'd remembered about down on the D-pad. I can't tell you how many times I got disoriented.
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