Teeny Cup is the worst!

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User Info: Panic_AK

5 years ago#1
What a bunch of BS. I seriously just missed the "3 ft gimme", and then it immediately did another one, resulting in a double bogey. I guess I can only blame myself for all the "whoops" on my birdie and par putts for not being perfect, even though "teeny cup" is cruel beyond belief. But missing the gimme, that's messed up. It's so hard the computer can't even do it.

Just finished that tournament. Turns out that double bogey forced on me cost me first place.
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User Info: kitkatitr

5 years ago#2
Oh yeah its brutal! I actually practice with a small cup like that, when I end up playing it makes the hole look much bigger.
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User Info: aces4839

5 years ago#3
I thought it wasnt so bad. i did great when i did those tours in Challenge Mode. carefully placed putts made it easier than it looked.

User Info: Sharius

5 years ago#4
nah, putting alway my pain in the A moment, no matter how long i play this series, i alway get trouble with them, so to counter that, i alway strike ball as near pin as posible, and most of time, they lead to chip-in, sweet
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User Info: kitkatitr

5 years ago#5
I remember getting the gold crown for 3 birdies in a row with tiny cup. I had a sidehill left to righter from about 22 feet and the thing curved right into the hole. I swear I yelled so loud my neighbors heard me.
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User Info: razzledazzlepen

5 years ago#6
This hole was brutal in general, but the crown is so tough. I got to the point where I wasn't even attempting it unless I did it on the first three holes. Having a good control character is a big help. I used Izzak with Pin Shot/Pin Shot, both level 3. This gave me awesome control, and spin. Hit it as close as you can, push down on impact so it doesn't roll far, and hopefully you get pretty close.

The first time I attempted this hole, just going for the star, I was doing pretty well up to the last hole. Missed my par put by 0.2. Then missed the 3 ft. gimme...then missed it 3 more times, and ended with a +4 on the hole, which ruined my whole score, and knocked me to like 3rd. :(

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