A life of Pi

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User Info: fatarchie

4 years ago#1
Might seem an unusual subject matter, but I've made a level based on the book (and soon to be film) "A Life Of Pi"

It's here. http://vita.lbp.me/v/8-st0 if you fancy trying it out.

(it's the story of a shipwrecked boy cast afloat with a Bengal tiger in a lifeboat for those that haven't read it)


User Info: Fayt16

4 years ago#2
Will give it a try when I get some chance!
You silly ban you!
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User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#3
A place where things happen. Sometimes awesome things.

User Info: fatarchie

4 years ago#4
Thanks guys.

Added screenshots now (though they've come out really dark for some reason)
Gameplayingperson 4 years ago#5
Sounds interesting, but at the same time... umm... is Pi the kids name or something?

User Info: fatarchie

4 years ago#6
Yep. Look it up.
Especially the trailer on YouTube for the film!

User Info: Turkleton_2

4 years ago#7
O wow, one of my favourite books, I'll definitly check this out when I can get wifi for my uni house

User Info: fatarchie

4 years ago#8
It's no amazing feat of lbp level design, but I'm pretty pleased with it.
My first real attempt at a level. It still needs more work though.

User Info: gabe2247

4 years ago#9
PSWII603DSPVITA owner PSN: Gabe2247:::Gamertag: Gabe2247. 3ds fc 3523-2146-9915

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