Only six levels :/

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User Info: xthunder7283

5 years ago#11
Actually game modes DO take space because of the programming for each one
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User Info: TheNewWave

5 years ago#12
Is it actually confirmed that multiplayer is the strong point because there was no multiplayer at the time the game was announced at E3, and it wasn't until sometime later that they announced multiplayer will be in it? So, unless the game hasn't been in production that long, I don't see how multiplayer is the focus.

User Info: Sipher360

5 years ago#13
No, a six hour campaign and sparse multiplayer options out of the box is a bit disappointing....even for a shooter on a handheld. But, oh well.

Hopefully if it sells well then more developers will start putting meatier titles on the Vita. I need more games and I love shooters.....
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User Info: TacticalSniper7

5 years ago#14
they could have at least added 8 maps and 4 game modes :/
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User Info: MEFreak1984

5 years ago#15
nhlduckz35 posted...
Rehab520 posted...
co1onel posted...
zandm7 posted...
It's a six hour campaign. Like all FPS games, the MP is the meat of the gameplay.

Your talking about the multiplayer that has a whopping 6 maps and 3 game types?

It's a frickin handheld, bud.

NOVA 3 for the iPad/iPhone has 6 maps, 6 game modes, and 6 v 6

And NOVA is a piece of garbage.

User Info: co1onel

5 years ago#16
Quality is not whats being debated here. Its pure content, which NOVA (an iOS game) clearly has more of.

User Info: zandm7

5 years ago#17
co1onel posted...
Quality is not whats being debated here. Its pure content, which NOVA (an iOS game) clearly has more of.

iOS is a very "old" platform now. Devs are old hands at it. The Vita is brand new. And while the architecture is somewhat similar to an iOS device, it's still going to have kinks to work out for several reasons: A) Vita devs are not the same people as iOS devs. They are not used to developing for modern mobile architectures, they are used to developing for PSP, PS3, Xbox, etc. So there's going to be some growing pains as they get used to maxing out the potential of this new platform. And B) This is still launch Resistance Fall of Man to Resistance 3. Yeah. Plus C) The devs don't want to bring out all the guns on this game, because it's such a new platform and this is the first FPS on it. They're gonna be cautious and test the waters before they bring out the big guns (CoD, Killzone, etc.).

All I'm saying is, this game might be a fairly forgettable FPS. But it's surely a sign of bigger and better FPS'es to come in the future for the Vita.
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User Info: MattUK07

5 years ago#18
why do people only care for the MP in games these days? the story is what gets me to buy most games
I hope Sony will have a BIG E3 this year :)

User Info: peacefulchaos

5 years ago#19
I'll be passing. I'm not a fan of online multiplayer in most games (especially shooters), and like another poster said, Dragon's Dogma comes out next week and I'd rather spend the money on that than buy Resistance simply to have something new to play on the Vita. I can wait for Gravity Rush.

If you could play over 3G (inb4 OMG YOU WANNA PLAY ON 3G?????? BUT TEH LAGZ!!!! cuz I play Blazblue on 3G just fine, and Samurai & Dragons) then I'd consider it, but, that's just entirely too short for a gamer who prefers story over competitive multiplayer.

Also, I'd like to direct the "IT'S A FRICKIN' HANDHELD PEOPLE!" people to Uncharted...also Coded Arms and Ghost in the Shell for PSP, which were both shooters and both launch titles.!/DragonHouseAK
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