Really weird glitch?

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User Info: CooperThief

5 years ago#1
So I was in matchmaking in multiplayer, and the lobby was taking a while to load. Then, both of the maps said Staten Island on them. The lobby counted down to start the game, and then I was sent to the first mission of the story mode. Except the firetruck you ride on in the beginning was invisible and so were Larson and Smitty. Then once I could actually control my charactedr, I just looked up at the ceiling and spun around, with no control.

So just wondering if anyone else had experienced this.
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User Info: calvinliang

5 years ago#2
Common issue.
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User Info: Piesia

5 years ago#3
calvinliang posted...
Common issue.

My favorite glitch was in the two level room with the explosive lights near the end. I shot a chimera on the second level. He fell off the second level when he died and hung there in the air on his back.

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