Why is the price low?

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User Info: johnny_boy84

5 years ago#1
I have my copy of the game and am enjoying it thoroughly. I was wondering why it was released at such a cheap price though? It seems to have a decent amount of content, so am unsure of the cheap price. Does anyone know why?
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User Info: SiLVeR_420

5 years ago#2
Sega/Platinums way of saying sorry for taking so long to localize the game.
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User Info: skaterX

5 years ago#3
I believe that they weren't sure if it was going to sell well because its not you average online multiplayer shooter it is instead and online multiplayer beat em up that is why they took so long to release it in the US. I think its great they should start making more games like this. online competitive beat em up games could be a start of a whole new genera.

User Info: BreakerXtreme

5 years ago#4
from what i've read from "Euro Gamer" review, the game in japan was a flop, and they don't know if it will be selling well in us so they cut off the price


(The sad thing about Anarchy Reigns is that it's exactly the kind of game that 'gamers' say they want: original, high-octane action with bags of depth, plenty of modes and multiplayer. It's all game, all of the time. And yet it has sold pretty badly in Japan, leading Sega to opt for a sub-£20 budget release in the West.)

hope it help, have a nice day
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User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
5 years ago#5
You know, even though SEGA tends to be incompetent every now and then, what with their notorious way of handling the marketing for the games and whatnot, I still feel bad for them because they still pour out some really nice games but hardly anyone bats an eye at it. Resonance of Fate, Binary Domain, and now Anarchy Reigns. All great games, but has or will unfortunately never reach the milestone success that other games like CoD and Halo do. And then people wonder why SEGA neglects to continue with Shenmue 3.
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User Info: johnny_boy84

5 years ago#6
Thanks for the answers. I am a big fan of Sega, very much enjoy the Total War series, and have had a large number of their portable and console platforms over the years. Maybe this will pave the way for more games to be released at a lower price in the future, especially if paid DLC was to bre released. I wouldn't mind buying it then if I bought the game cheap on release.
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User Info: WillSimplyBe

5 years ago#7
SiLVeR_420 posted...
Sega/Platinums way of saying sorry for taking so long to localize the game.

Take so long to localize? If i may...

The Game was MADE in English, actually, the reason quite a few people decided to import. Everything from dialogue to text and menus, all playable in english from the time of japan's release date. Sega punked out and changed the worldwide release date majorly, without even telling the developer. They wanted to dip their toe in the water, and figured japan only would be a safe panic button. The kicker is, the game flopped in japan, and actually outsold it's japan sales on Imports ALONE.

*sigh* Honestly, they screwed this game over twice. Changing the release date by half a year for a game that was already done, making sure their meager japanese base had already deserted the game, and that part of the interest for the game would have already dried up by the time it released world-wide. Add that to the stiff competition of the hyped games coming out in quarter 2013... it's all... just... baffling. They went out of their way to ensure this flopped.

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User Info: Arcana_Rose

5 years ago#8
I liked that they reduced the price, I could get this and DMC in the same month XD
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User Info: gamester091

5 years ago#9
Arcana_Rose posted...
I liked that they reduced the price, I could get this and DMC in the same month XD

Im so sorry for your future purchase of DMC...im going to keep playing this and enjoy a good game
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User Info: mcnichoj

5 years ago#10
IIRC the US price was discounted before the game was even released in Japan.
So everyone saying it was because it flopped is wrong.
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