Obviously sega doesnt care about platinum games

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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

4 years ago#1
It shows in this lackluster game, plus a year delay. Also sega did not put up the money to publish Bayonetta 2, but they spent 25 million buying Relic Games. Hopefully they will not mess with the Warhammer and Company Heroes franchises RElica has already established in gaming.

User Info: Y2Ryoko

4 years ago#2
The "lackluster" quality of this game is all on Platinum. They designed it. All of the problems surrounded it are because of their backwards design decisions. Throwing more money at it wouldn't have fixed anything, because this is the game Platinum wanted to design.

Also, the game wasn't delayed by a year. It was delayed by about six months, and that delay SAVED this game. Sega delayed it because then they could get away with charging half-price for it. People seem to believe that it being $29.99 was our "reward" for waiting, but it really had nothing to do with that. Sega didn't believe the game would sell at launch in the US because of how barebones it was. In Japan, the game was novel enough to stand on its own, but in the Western market where we expect competent online infrastructure, you can see how this would have to be a budget title.

It's not that Sega wouldn't put up money for Bayonetta 2. NO ONE would put up money for Bayonetta 2. Platinum admitted this with full transparency. The said that if Nintendo hadn't offered to publish the game, it wouldn't exist. Because no other publishers wanted it. And no other publishers wanted it because Bayonetta barely sold. It got great critical acclaim, but that doesn't matter much if it doesn't sell loads of copies. Sega was already struggling as it was. It's still struggling. Don't let "$25 million" fool you into believing they're suddenly full of money and doing perfectly fine. They're still fighting for their life.

Think about it like a trade. They took the millions of dollars they would be putting into Bayonetta 2, a franchise that barely made them any money, and put it towards obtaining a couple of well-established franchises that have proved to be very popular and sold very well in the past. It was a good business decision, and hopefully it'll work out for them. But don't put these unrelated ideas together to mean "Sega doesn't care about Platinum". If you knew the history of Platinum Games (which involves past relationships with both Sega and Nintendo), you would understand how ridiculous that sounds.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm attacking you personally, but this is something that I think should really be cleared up if that's what people think about the situation between Sega and Platinum boils down to.

User Info: trevhead10

4 years ago#3
SEGA went bust 12 month bust due to Binary Domain bombing HARD (the game was 10 on amazon less than 3 weeks after launch) They were then bought out by another company that is keeping the SEGA brand intact.

However it did spell a change of direction for SEGA and that is to pull out of boxed retail and concentrate on been a digital only publisher. Thats why we are seeing so many HD re releases like Nights and JSR. (needs to publish Streets of Rage 2 with MP on PC and Panzer Dragoon though to make me happy).

What multiplat boxed retail games we are seeing are games that were already in the development cycle with the ones that arent dropped been made and launched on the cheap. I beleive that Aliens game will be SEGA's last multiplat retail game.

As for Anarchy Reigns it didn't get dropped but SEGA didn't have the money to release it in the west, that's why we had to wait, which for any niche MP harms it's online community (but atleast it wasn't as bad as the Altus Persona 4 arena, that game is still to drop in the EU)

Bayonetta was abandoned completely which is a shame because SEGA would have made a profit given it's a sequel of a cult game and the larger fanbase of the dev nowadays. Ninties gain I suppose, hope they don't mess it up.

As for SEGA's PC IPs the British Creative Assembly and Football Manager, they seem to run them as a silent partner, like most Japanese publishers do with their British studios and IPs. They make good bank for SEGA and they aren't stupid enough to rock the boat. Which is why SEGA is the best place for Relic (speaking as a big fan of the company, as their games Homeworld, 40k and Spacemarine are big faves of mine)

There is always the possibility of SEGA gutting Relic for it's IPs or merging it into Creative Assembly, but I doubt it as while both studios make RTS, Relic make the best small scale RTS and CA make big scale RTS. I'm sure SEGA knows this and will use the talent well.

Sorry for the long post but I'm a bit of a fan of Platinum, SEGA, CA and Relic, so Ive got a keen interest in all this. In a way it's most of many fave entities in gaming all in one.

User Info: trevhead10

4 years ago#4
Yeah the fact SEGA ponied up $26 mil for Relic doesn't mean they're loaded with cash. More like that money came from whoever owns SEGA.

Hmm looking at wikipedia it says SEGA is still part of SEGA SAMMY (the parent company who bought out SEGA years ago) however I'm quite sure that another company or investment consortium bought them out when SEGA went bust 11 months ago.

What is clear is that SEGA has very little operating costs, about 6 months ago they massively shrunk their publishing / marketing arms in Europe and Australia.

User Info: trevhead10

4 years ago#5
Damn I wish this site allowed me to edit my posts instead of needing to create new ones. Anyway.


You might be correct about delaying the game outside Japan as the thing that saved the game. As I generally class myself as a bit of a fan and the first time I heard about the game was 6 months ago when it lanched in Japan and game sites made a big song and dance about not getting it over here.

If it came out 6 months ago, i'm in no doubt it would have been largely ignored by the western media and sold even less, plus I best a fair number will have imported the Japanese version and bought the local release too.

I think hold back the US release made all the difference, as most of the gaming news is US based and those yanks do love to make a song and dance about every single game they have to wait for. Look at the amount of press those 3 niche Wii JRPGS got, there's no way in hell there would have been the same buzz or sales if those were released normally.

As a UK gamer I'm glad both PAL and US versions came out at the same time. As waiting 6months after the US is common for Japanese localisations and unlike the US which controls all the popular media, games released later than the US tend to go unnoticed as the hyped is dead. Thats why Persona 4 Arena won't sell anywhere near the same numbers over here as in the US. (it also harms EUs online community too)

anyway I'll have to shut up I could type all day long about these subjects.
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