So what's the secret?

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User Info: xRagex

4 years ago#1
I jumped online and boy that was utterly god awful. Thus far I've learned that the invincible aoe move is kind of B/s, you can't grapple anyone over level 10 and that there's usually a 40,000 point disparity between the top 5 and everyone else.

Seriously though, how do I get better at this game?

User Info: supersmashbrosf

4 years ago#2
Watch this

The guy should be posting more pretty soon.

User Info: masterdevil007

4 years ago#3
xRagex posted...
the invincible aoe move is kind of B/s

What? If you're referring to rampage, that's quite easy to avoid. As for getting better, Boodendorf's channel is the way to go. Search videos where he plays as your character and observe what he does, how he does it, when he does it, etc. Watch the combo videos and practice those in simulator. Learn what each item and ability does. Pay attention to your radar as well as any on-screen prompts or warnings. Use items and environmental objects whenever you can. Run away when you have to and don't rush into brawls. Kill steal when you can, e.g. when someone else has used rampage and weakened a foe. And make sure to watch Boo's videos. Very important.
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