Preorder code coming as invalid

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User Info: Fooforaw

4 years ago#121
Dragoon_Kail posted...
Quick note: psn updates on tuesdays, depending on the traffic code inputs WILL NOT go thru, free online service, you get what you pay for lol

Anytime between now and tomorrow it shoouuuuld go thru

Except this is also plaguing Xbox players, so I sincerely hope you meant that as a joke, and didn't just try to take a blind jab at playstation.
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User Info: J2006

4 years ago#122
just tried it at about 6:10 am EST, still won't work, hopefully it will when I get home from work and have the game.
"You will be judged by what you succeed at, not by what you attempt."

User Info: Ace10of27Spades

4 years ago#123
Squeezitgirdle posted...
Someone on the Platinum forums posted that you need to redeem it on a japanese account.

I have a japanese account, but I'd much prefer keeping the download on my own account.. Still I'm a bit peeved this is going on.

That guy is incorrect. i tried it on my Japanese account and it was a no go.
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User Info: gabriel2020

4 years ago#124
I just tried to entered my code in through psn store on my pc and it says expired or invalid on their too.
Enjoy gaming. If it frustrates you...put it down

User Info: DelusioNzorszor

4 years ago#125
Yeah I tried through account management as well and I'm not even going to bother trying through my japanese account until I know its fixed. There's really no point, someone will probably (hopefully?) let us know when they fix it.
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User Info: gabriel2020

4 years ago#126
Yeah. I hope that they just make this stuff free for a day or something so we can go ahead and get it. It's strange how some codes work for people and some don't.
Enjoy gaming. If it frustrates you...put it down

User Info: masterdevil007

4 years ago#127
Gen2000 posted...

All this hounding on Sega will hopefully make them react fast.

"While 360 owners have redeemed the DLC without issue"

Uh, no. Many 360 players, myself included are still having trouble with the codes. I just switched out the 5 with Ss and the Os with 0s, still not working.

User Info: Killface99

4 years ago#128
Someone just joined my lobby as Bayonetta. I swiftly exited the game and tried my code. Invalid. Sweet.
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User Info: Dr_Jungy_Brogen

4 years ago#129
yeah... my code still isn't working. Good thing the single-player mode is fun!
I'm a doctor too.

User Info: theOz69

4 years ago#130
As of 10 minutes ago, mine was still a no go.

If this game was more popular I would be concerned that it is one of those codes being stolen situations. Most likely Gamestop's code generator is borked for AR.
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