Preorder code coming as invalid

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User Info: masterdevil007

4 years ago#61
Yeloazndevil posted...
well that sucks that you guys are having issues, on 360 it wasn't a problem so it sounds like a problem on Sony's end

Nope, I'm on 360 and in Eastern Canada, and neither of the two codes (Bayonetta+extra modes) are working. I'm just getting "invalid code". Tomorrow morning I'm gonna try and switch the Os for 0s and 5s for Ss and vice versa, if that doesn't work, I'm going to call EB Games. Haven't been there in years and where it not for these codes,I would've continues ignoring them. >.>

User Info: QuadManX

4 years ago#62
In Florida here, my code worked just fine. And no, I'm not trolling.

Hoping that things get sorted out for everyone ASAP!
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User Info: SpiralSage

4 years ago#63
Having the same problem. Hopefully it'll be working in a few more hours.
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User Info: RHF

4 years ago#64
Still nothing on my end in Minnesota
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User Info: leopoldshark

4 years ago#65
I also have a preorder for Metal Gear Rising at Gamestop too. If this doesn't work out I might consider cancelling that one. For this game, Bayonetta is a pretty big deal seeing as that is one of Platinum's best selling games (not as many people are excited for the Madworld characters).

User Info: Malevolency

4 years ago#66
Not working @ 11PM here in CT, first attempt, will try again in the AM.

Sucks that this isn't working. I specifically pre-ordered at Gamestop because this was the only way to get Bayonetta...otherwise I would've just PO'd from Amazon (tax free! :D) Oh well ;/

User Info: SuplexKirby

4 years ago#67
Florida here and the code still doesn't work.

User Info: bbc13

4 years ago#68
Which code did you get from gamestop because apparently there were two different codes, one for extra game modes and Bayonetta and another code that gives you the ability to kill someone with one powerful attacks, I got the Bayonetta code which I wanted the other one, but mine works

User Info: ninkendo

4 years ago#69
I have the game modes/Bayonetta code, but it's not working

Texas here

User Info: DelusioNzorszor

4 years ago#70
Aren't you supposed to get the extra modes AND bayonetta? What's the deal?

But I got one code.
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