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ign 5.9

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User Info: SuddenEmotion

5 years ago#1

Hmm guess ill pass.
"My skill level is directly proportional to my THC level"

User Info: monkeypahng

5 years ago#2
Maybe you should since you lack intelligence.
The console with the greater spec generally loses.
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User Info: zeldasho

5 years ago#3
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User Info: sworder

5 years ago#4
LOL at passing because of IGN

sheep doing what they're told

User Info: AceJay

5 years ago#5
SuddenEmotion posted...

Hmm guess ill pass.

Cant tell if this is ignorance or sarcasm.

User Info: GhostOfOdin

5 years ago#6
At no point have I thought the graphics were bad. They are decent, not outstanding, but FAR from "blocky" and "ugly". What a jack*ss.

User Info: THE_G0DHAND

5 years ago#7
I would take their opinion with a grain of salt. They gave God Hand (similar game) a 3 out of 10 when it came out. While the reviewer does make some fair points (reptitive, frustrating moments, uninspired/hollow landscapes), the game is much better than the review leads you to believe. Also I'm not sure what there isn't to understand about the story? Anyways I think it should be a high 6 or a 7 at least. But that all depends on your tastes of course.

User Info: NLScavenger

5 years ago#8
The same site that gave God Hand a 3/10 and Deadly Premonition a 2/10....

User Info: MashYouGood

5 years ago#9
monkeypahng posted...
Maybe you should since you lack intelligence.

Yeah. Coz brainless button mashing is what chairs at Mensa are made of...

User Info: fastballspecial

5 years ago#10
Awesome game and only $30 to boot.
Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost.

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