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User Info: Onicesk

4 years ago#91
@ Fonizel- i noted the multiplayer is fun but lag is a factor an not a minor one.
- the characters are hyper generic streotypes -black pimp akin to any npc in gta or saints row, asian street walker assassin type 3 of em, the most interesting one is oinkie and durga ( who is grimmjow and han dehan from ehrgeiz mashed together)
-story is your opinion but solo mode was shallow and playing the same story 2x is a cop out

@ Produner- I think we as gamers just shutter the thought of enjoying average games, there is nothing wrong with finding fun in something flawed or slightly broken or even unpopular by the major community, but inflating a score and ignoring the problems is silly

User Info: Dr_Kain

4 years ago#92
A game from Sega that sucks? That is such a shocker.
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User Info: joshl94

4 years ago#93
Dr_Kain posted...
A game from Sega that sucks? That is such a shocker.

Too bad it wasn't made by Sega. After checking other review scores, I'm going to go ahead and say that IGN is full of it.

User Info: sworder

4 years ago#94
Dr_Kain posted...
A game from Sega that sucks? That is such a shocker.

Eurogamer: 9/10
1UP: B-
Metro: 9/10
Gamespot: 7.0
Official Xbox Magazine UK: 7/10
Gaming Age: B+
Destructoid: 8.5/10
Game Revolution: 4/5

User Info: Number4Rocket

4 years ago#95
produner posted...
any thing below 6 is unplayable and below 7 is dull and boring,

You realize a 7 is average at worst right?

User Info: Rimsa_Laded

4 years ago#96
5.9 is an above average score! Which means the game's good? So you dont' like good games? Go rent a bad one then or something, I don't care.
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User Info: mekkin1

4 years ago#97
Looks like Anarchy Reigns was God Handed. It's ironic given how a lot of people from Clover went on to form Platinum Games.

User Info: zero3384

4 years ago#98
despite all the naysayers...this game is extremely fun to me...maybe I don't need a "deep engrossing story" or maybe I just want something that is easy to sit down and play or maybe I want a game that has a fairly fun (and slightly chaotic) multiplayer

5.9? Not in my book...8/10 easy for me...but I'll probably receive flak for posting my own opinion
GT: Zerofoxy3384

User Info: Deathofseasonsx

4 years ago#99
From: MashYouGood | #009
monkeypahng posted...
Maybe you should since you lack intelligence.

Yeah. Coz brainless button mashing is what chairs at Mensa are made of... http://i39.tinypic.com/14sjdp2.jpg

No. but thinking for yourself is pretty important if you want to be anything more than brain dead, though I agree not liking this game isn't really a hit on anyone's intelligence. Not liking Godhand shows bad skill at action games though at the very least, it is one of the most in depth and technically perfect combat systems of all time, if you call Godhand clunky you just aren't good enough to play it.
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User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#100
Hahaha, IGN.

I remember them giving God Hand a 3/10.

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