Met anyone online yet?

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User Info: Enyalb

4 years ago#1
As in, did you happen to see someone from this board playing online? I occaisonally see Zeroreigns now and then, who knows how to keep away from the pointless arguments of this board (good for him too). I also met Darke_Booti (NotJohnnyJoestar, awesome ID btw) and Kaserdemon (kaserex), who I also see once in a while. I'm pretty sure I met Borthog ONCE, but I never got a chance to face him that time due to my limited wi-fi network kicking me out of online. :(

Oh, and I also met mun00z, who was unfortunately glitched out at one point in the match, and I left the game because of it. He put it on YouTube as well, which I would post a link to, but I'm typing this from my phone and don't feel like it.
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User Info: sin_shenron

4 years ago#2
Nobody famous here or good enough to remember

However i do remember and play with a lot of japanese players and importers from the times we were the same party all the nights playing the same modes over and over daily these last months of 2012.
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User Info: TimberFalls

4 years ago#3
I'm sure i'm going to miss someone but i've met Borthog, I met PandaKing once in a tag dm but everyone seems to have gotten DCed, played him often in the demo. I recently added Darke_Booti to my friends list, Zeroreigns was on my friends list under a different psn. Yes Zero, it's yours truly :). I have Ice-Cerberus on my friends list. I've come across Lady_Siara, BLAYNEproject, I think I came across sin_shenron one time before the game came out but the lobby never filled so I never played him/her.

I'm sure i've met more of you but I don't know everyone's psn here.

User Info: TimberFalls

4 years ago#4
Oh I forgot BayonettaWITCH.

User Info: ObLiViOn418

4 years ago#5
The lot of ya, familiar, maybe.
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User Info: DancingSamurai

4 years ago#6
I've played with and against a few people here. If you play pretty often, more than likely you'll run into a few people from GFaqs.
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User Info: Zxar07

4 years ago#7
I've actually seen quite a few of those who were listed in this thread, I may have seen TheinThan a bit too much with that annoying Ai Rin lol.

User Info: Lun-Sei

4 years ago#8
I just met a guy whose nickname was sadsoul or something - he told me he's seen me on gamefaqs. Nice. :D
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User Info: DelusioNzorszor

4 years ago#9
Yep, lots of people from here. Small community.
PSN: FearForDignity

User Info: JuliusG9999

4 years ago#10
This game's community is pretty small right? But that's not a bad thing... anyone has seen me? JuliusG-9999?
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