Favorite boss?

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User Info: the_real_eggman

4 years ago#1
We have a worst boss topic. Why not a favorite boss?
Can really be design to just fun.

One of my favs is the Scorpion boss. Kinda reminded me of SotC a little bit. (Now only they could get bigger)

Lets see...other than the final boss. The first fire boss, thought it was a cool design and pretty fun.

Whats yours?
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User Info: dragnmaninferno

4 years ago#2
Blazing Citadel's boss.

User Info: CJL13

4 years ago#3
Blazing Citadel's one and the second water one (People say that boss is too cheap, he was easy and fun for me).
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User Info: Axtlar

4 years ago#4
The first metal boss.

Don't these guys have names?

User Info: ridleyslayer23

4 years ago#5
Yes they have names they are each Master of *insert tower name*
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User Info: Axtlar

4 years ago#6
... I'm gonna call the the first metal boss Frank.

User Info: Hawke0

4 years ago#7
In that case, the first boss is Joe.
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User Info: sfebrigade

4 years ago#8
First fire boss > First Metal Boss > Final boss > Second Fire boss

Top 4 are all very close together. Those were all done very differently, and all of them were excellent. In this guys opinion.

User Info: CSplitter

4 years ago#9
The first metal boss is surely not a Frank. He's more of a John.

My favourite boss is the Dusk/Dawn duo because swords. Really, I'd love to be able to throw more stuff. Like my scythe. Or Elena's dresses.
Throwing a potted geranium on John's face would be pretty neat.
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User Info: WotanAnubis

4 years ago#10
I think the Fire Dancer Boss is my favourite boss.
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