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User Info: HerPanda

4 years ago#1
This is a topic for discussing matters about the endgame or overall spoilerific topics that would otherwise be hard to put into a topic title without spoiling others.

IF YOU HAVE NOT CLEARED THE GAME, LEAVE NOW. This is your final warning.

Spoilers ._. last warning.

So...according to the ending, the people who got the curse loved Aeron correct? If Elena wasn't the only one to get the curse, then I guess Aeron is some kind of hot man beast or something <_< freaking a. Either that or Experiment Zero just tried to infect tons of people in hopes of hitting someone who was close to Aeron.

Anyone have a clue what happened to Experiment Zero anyway? The other masters were all locked up in their towers, while the 13th was a "failure"...so did she just die and "haunt" the land so to speak? Kinda sucks that she only had 6 pieces of flesh; fighting all 12 powers would have been great.

Ocarina of Time ending spoilers:
Also...that nostalgic pull of the "final" boss. It's like fighting Ganon and escaping down the tower lol. Shame they didn't let us fight it; jumping into the scar and fighting it on its back while it was holding onto a chain would have been great.

Solid game. Average to boring first half, very good second half, and a superb finish with Dawn/Dusk, final boss, and credit plot to tie it all up.

User Info: cyberpik

4 years ago#2
I was gobsmacked when I realized that the final fight pretty much forces Aeron to murder his own ancestor, Experiment Zero.

User Info: Mienchise

4 years ago#3
Those who got the curse were in love with Aeron and all the descendants that came before him. The curse was to gain the power of the Twelve Masters (Aeron and the descendants before him would have to kill all twelve of them and feed their flesh to the person who was cursed) so that Experiment Zero (thirteenth master) could become fully functional through the curse and host.

However, since Zero (Zeron) wasnt completed, she needed Aeron or any descendant before to become fully complete. The reason why she is incomplete is because her husband bailed out as a vessel when he learned that she was pregnant. All the dreams that Elena sees after eating flesh are this womans memories. Aeron is also a direct descendant from the child she gave birth to before she died (and from her husband who was supposed to be sacrificed as a vessel with her).

Zeron was a master based on two people but since only one was used (the woman) she ended up being incomplete and brought the catalysm, the scar, the curse, and everything else after with the one goal of being complete. Upon her completion, she would bring peace to the world as she stated in Ending A.

Im not sure if I missed something but we dont know for sure if she actually wanted to bring peace and how she wouldve done it. The only known way of closing the scar and defeating the curse is to use the full power of the chain. Im assuming that Aeron had to kill Zeron otherwise he and Elena wouldve been sacrificed as vessels.
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User Info: BMK2010

4 years ago#4
I honestly didn't pay attention to the story at all. I just liked exploring the towers, killing the monsters, and collecting beast flesh.

User Info: Halteclere

4 years ago#5
Her husband didn't bail out. The people doing the experiment to unify the 12 Aiosian gods stopped it when they realized Zeron was pregnant, but they couldn't keep her from changing.

I think the text Bless This Couple hints that Elena was the exception rather than the rule, since there's a part of it that goes something to the tune of "but now one has appeared untouched by the curse and fit to brave the dangers of the towers".

But yeah, she was stalking the bloodline, not Aeron personally. According to What is this Curse?, rumors surrounding the curse started to spread following the Cataclysm 50 years before the game. Then again, Zeron has that line where she says Elena kept her waiting for 50 years after the scar opened... if you want to take that literally.

As to the masters, The Beast's Curse says the Vestra sealed away the thirteen masters after Experiment Zero failed. Thirteen, Zeron included.

And Zeron has all 12 powers, except 5 of them are just the opposite gender equivalent of the same element. The six pieces of flesh she has stand for the male-female union of earth, fire, wood, water, and metal, with light and dark contained in the same piece of flesh.

User Info: Nightshade Zero

Nightshade Zero
4 years ago#6
I don't like how they went about ending the game, I think it got needlessly complicated and rushed. I wish they would have given the player more detailed information as it went on so you would know what's happening before the final boss, instead of trying to keep you in the dark the entire time. If you have to dump a bunch of exposition into your end credits just to make sense of things... you've done something wrong with your story. Despite that, and despite the fact that I still don't fully understand how everything worked, it is a fun game that I can enjoy on the level of "I need to save my girlfriend from turning into a monster."

User Info: HerPanda

3 years ago#7
^ I watched all of the possible endings on Youtube, and the only one I can really say that for would be the one where Aeron becomes some general for Elena's country to fight his own. THAT ending didn't really mix with the rest of the game (I mean, the only reason I could see him killing his own countrymen would be for Elena, but that ending has him not caring for her at all).

The S ending was good. The "A" ending was kind of stupid imo... they just assumed nothing else would work, instead of going over to Mavda and asking her for advice like they normally do. I don't remember what happened for the B ending though... but I'm glad I got the S ending since I thought the others were a pretty unsatisfactory way to end the game.
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