Av'agoon Cave Walkthrough

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User Info: Alexjunior50

6 years ago#1
So, Im wondering if anyone could put screenshots of Av'agoon Cave since Im stuck on the 5th floor finding the boss.... which is supposedly found at another set of stairs in the 4th floor...

User Info: Febemz

6 years ago#2
Can you help me? I'm stuck at av'agoon cAve 5th floor.

User Info: barfingman

6 years ago#3
same here Im stuck at the part where you move those boulders but i did pass the part where those roots are...that place where those exits are like the ones on the kapadu labirynth..

User Info: weixunn

6 years ago#4
Febemz & Alex: have you pass this puzzle which is in lvl 3? http://db.tt/GlDvZ0D
After you pass this, you'll reach a place with 2 caves. Enter the one on the right, walk right to the next screen and enter the cave to reach lvl5 with the boss on top.

Barfingman: are you refering to the puzzle above?
if yes, then use this to solve it:
let's label the 3 rocks as 1, 2 and 3.
move 1 down once
move 2 right twice
move 1 up once
move 3 right once
move 1 down once
move 2 left twice
move 3 down
move 2 up

User Info: planetearth529

6 years ago#5
i'm stuck with barfingman. How do you get past the labirynth on the 5th floor? I beat the creeper and the chimera, but can't seem to get my to the 6th and 7th level of av'agoon cave. Do I have to go back to another level?

User Info: planetearth529

6 years ago#6
4-rock puzzle on 7th level

1) 2 left
2) 1 left (onto target)
3) 2 down
4) 3 down (onto target)
5) 2 up, right, right, right, right, right (it will be out of the square area)
6) 4 left (onto target)
7) 2 left, left, left, left (onto target)

User Info: planetearth529

6 years ago#7
Labyrinth on 5th level, GO RIGHT-SIDE MIDDLE (there is no code)

User Info: blynkfire

6 years ago#8
I want to know where do i find Mokar's Compass, the quest name is Wondrous Compass! thanks

User Info: EdikPavlov

6 years ago#9
How i found the Mokar's compass is going the Labyrinth in the 4th floor in Tabial cave then returning back to the cheif and he gave me the compass. Itll be easy.

User Info: EdikPavlov

6 years ago#10
But careful with the Labyrinth when you achieve the compass because its not a very good hint to pass the puzzle anyway, I'm looking for a person who will help me on this puzzle ( I don't get the numbers in the compass so, i need good explanation).
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