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User Info: Daaxter

6 years ago#1
Has anyone figured out how to fix the serve problem yet?
When you have food in your fridge but the serve button disappears.

Also has any figured out why some cafe's turn green and how to fix them?
I have orders to deliver but the cafe's have turned green when they weren't before. How do I deliver these orders?
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User Info: BrotherJebediah

6 years ago#2
I haven't had any problem with my refrigerator. All my foods show the "serve" button still.

I don't have any friends playing the game, so I haven't seen the green cafe thing you are talking about. But I did read through the in game help section and they mentioned something. "If yours or your friends' cafés appear greenish on the map, it means they're under investigation by the Zombie Labor Union. You won't be able to visit them until the investigation is complete." I do wish they would have Plus or Game Center or something to find friends, instead of just Facebook. Then I would probably find some people playing...

User Info: eigafan

6 years ago#3
Someone posted a recommended fix for ZC players with green cafes emailed from Capcom Mobile:


The green coloration will eventually go away on its own. To ensure your device's time is correct, please check that the time, date and year are once again correct on your device. Then, try turning off "Set time automatically" on your device (Settings>General>Date & Time). Then turn your device off, and re-sync it with iTunes on your computer. Once that is complete, ensure "Set time automatically" is set to "on," and re-launch the game.

We apologize for the inconvenience,"

The green coloration usually goes away in two to three days, according to ZC players posting to the ZC facebook page. Capcom Mobile did something similar to Smurf's Village to discourage cheating, where your smurfs would "wander off into the forest" for a few days. I think the game developers did this in response to Jenova Chen:!5711232/how-one-developer-cheated-his-way-to-the-perfect-smurf-village-and-why

User Info: eigafan

6 years ago#4
The new update 1.02 appears to have fixed the green cafes and serving issues. You can now fully rotate the chairs and even earn XPs when you unlock new recipes.
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