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User Info: bbreptile

6 years ago#1
I feel like I've got more than five dollars worth of enjoyment out of the game, so I'm about to buy some toxin.
1) To reward the developer making a fun game,
2) To hopefully make my game experience better.

But I don't expect dropping money on buying toxin every week I want to be frugal with it. Should it be better spent on zombies which will last and last? or on furniture that will generate money that will let me buy other things after awhile? Or maybe I should just max out the size of my cafe?


User Info: BrotherJebediah

6 years ago#2
If you are only spending $5, you will receive 50 Toxin. Unless you have 40 Toxin saved up, you won't be able to max out the size of your cafe (it's 40 for the 2nd to last expansion, plus 50 for the last expansion), assuming you have all the other expansions. I think the Special Items would be the best investment since they return your investment with money. I bought the $16k snack machine and it has probably paid for itself by now. It gives random numbers of cash back, but it increases with how long the interval is since I last played. It only has 2 dollar signs. If you invest 25 Toxin in the yellow arcade (appears to be 5 dollar signs) and 20 Toxin in the green juke box (appears to be 4 dollar signs) you would have potential for a nice cash return every time you check in on your cafe, and you will still have 5 Toxin left over. Or just buy one of those two, and have some Toxin left for a zombie or two. The Clown is a good investment at 8 Toxin. Maybe get the green juke box (20 Toxin) for the cash return, and the Sumo Wrestler (30 Toxin). I don't know if the Sumo Wrestler is worth the 30 Toxin, but hopefully he is! Oh, I'm not sure what level you are. I am at level 10 and these are the options I could go with.

Those are my thoughts! :)

User Info: bbreptile

6 years ago#3
So I splurged and bought enough to explore pretty much every route other than buying Toxin furniture (which seems dumb to spend Real Money on something that's purely decorative, but to each- their own). What I've found out:

Toxin barrels /really/ speed up re-charging your zombies. As I understand it you can buy several and the effect is cumulative. Strangely, the zombies rest outside, but the barrel has to be placed in-doors it seems.

The best zombie that I've paid Toxin for is the named clown, which you can have several. Stoogie the Clown. He is a fast server, gets tips, and is absolutely murderous on raids. I didn't buy the Sumo wrestler because of his price tag. I bought a Star Player and he's okay, fast, not sure on tips, and pretty solid on raids.

I also bought an ATM, this is probably the only one of the purchases that I mildly regret. The money generated by it seems to be pretty decent though. I went to bed last night, and seven hours later it gave me about $400. Not too shabby considering that I didn't have to do any extra work.

User Info: Kai989

6 years ago#4
Thanks for taking the hit for us. I'll definitely look into the clown.

User Info: BrotherJebediah

6 years ago#5
Thanks for the follow up. I bought the first level clown (8 Toxin) with what I had saved up. He is pretty good, so I'm not surprised the 2nd level clown is better. I did buy some of the Toxin cost furniture just hoping it would help the star rating. And I regret it now, since the plants also attribute one star and don't cost Toxin. I also regret wasting a Toxin on reviving a zombie, and they have their low health they reanimate with (what's the point of reviving if I need to spend another Toxin to have them at full energy?!); or wasting Toxin on energizing the low energy zombies. I will consider that Toxin Barrel. I'm curious about the Boxer (15 Toxin) and the Celebrity (5 Toxin). What they do, who knows? Maybe get slightly more tips than your lower level zombies and fight better? Again, thanks for the follow up.

User Info: heronz

6 years ago#6
the time-cheat does work for this game...fyi.

User Info: Snigletz

6 years ago#7
lol the time cheat? as in speed up the time on your ipod???
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User Info: Stanli23

6 years ago#8
Can anyone experiment with how much money is earned? I am saving up for an arcade machine (25 toxin), and am looking at it this way: I intend to keep my cafe at 4+ stars at all times, though I don't know for sure if this makes a difference in money made. I also need to know how much money is made in a 24 hour period. Someone posted that the ATM returned $400 after 7 hours, though I don't know the details (how many stars, if this is typical or more or less than normal, etc.)

So since the arcade machine has less than half as many dollar signs as the ATM, I figured it would make less than half as much money. So if the ATM makes about $1500 a day, then the arcade machine probably makes about $600 a day. Dividing $50,000 (the money I could've had if I converted 25 toxin into cash) by $600 a day means it'll take 83.33 days just to break even. I probably will not bother if this is the case...
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