S6-5 first star coin help

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User Info: Lolkuiken

6 years ago#1
Anyone know where the first star coin in special world 6-5 is? It's the ghost house level.
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User Info: Keraldo

6 years ago#2
On the arrow tracks last rail, to the left with the random box and tanooki boos, boomrang it, or at the very edge jump, make sure to be quick and not get hit.

User Info: DBPanterA

6 years ago#3
6-5: Ghost House
1) In the first part, after you go on the odd-shaped platform, you get to an area with alternating spikes and coin blocks. Get the Fire Flower (optional), but DO NOT light the torch as you did previously. This unleashes 2 poisonous mushrooms and a regular mushroom. Ride the green platform down until you are moving left and you see a power-up box. Move the green platform all the way to the left and the 1st Star Medal can be grabbed by jumping at the left edge of the platform. Work your way right to get to the half way marker.
2) After the half-way marker, there is a giant spinning black and white wheel with spike boxes. Grab the 2nd Star Medal near the edge of the giant spinning wheel. Then jump to the platform on the right. If you hit the coin block in the middle, it will unleash a star and 3 Giant Boos.
3) The last Star Medal is right before the purple door that leads outside to the flagpole. Run as far right as possible, and get the coins, which in turn makes 3 brick blocks. Get on top of the 3 brick blocks and jump straight up from the middle, creating another brick block. Get on top of this block and jump toward the wall with the door to create another brick block. Now climb up the brick blocks to get the 3rd Star Medal.
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