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User Info: MacMerritt95

5 years ago#1
Carmen in Cambria bar gives you this series of quests.

#1 Slay $5000

Can be found at the top of the map when you enter the Roadblock on the Southern most road South of Estoni, East of Meduma Airport. He is near a building, talk to him and he becomes hostile and can be killed.

#2 Mother of Mayhem $10000

You can find he hanging out in the pit in the Grumm Industrial Sector. Careful as she carries an M79 with rockets.

#3 ???? $

#4 ???? $

User Info: bodieph

5 years ago#2

third quest, the guy is in alma, small house south of the gas station

User Info: bodieph

5 years ago#3

4th quest, guy is in estoni

User Info: paskalion

5 years ago#4

i already settled 4 bounty. the 5th ones is quite troublesome as the only hint is he's hangs out at a bar. i've tried searching at San Mona's bar but he's not there.

User Info: bodieph

5 years ago#5

just found him, he's in san mona. near the place with all the girls in rooms

User Info: paskalion

5 years ago#6

yup i just found him at san mona's bar.. the one near kingpin villa..

6th bounty is in meduna and i'm not there yet..

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