Will i like BF3 if i did not like BFBC2?

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  3. Will i like BF3 if i did not like BFBC2?

User Info: GoodJobEinstein

6 years ago#1
Im hearing a lot of "COD killer" around with this game. I gave BC2 a shot, hated the SP, but the MP was better. The only things i dont like about this game is that it feels "slow" and the controls feel weird. Should i start to look at BF3 instead of MW3? Cause i actually really like COD games.

User Info: The_Bean

6 years ago#2
This will be much better. Trust me.
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User Info: SODAfan94

6 years ago#3

All i can say is wait for more trailers and see if it has anything that you will like. (Hopefully BF3 MP has fighter jets!)

User Info: Cyrus_Ramses

6 years ago#4
If you still like Call of Duty, there's probably no saving you until the series implodes. Just because you can't hop around like a retarded jackrabbit doesn't mean the game is "slow."

User Info: GoodJobEinstein

6 years ago#5
it just feels slow to me since i usually always play COD. COD is def much faster, but i know this game is much more realistic. Ill probably wait for reviews and/or a demo. I actually want to like BF games cause the graphics are just AMAZING! but i just cant get into the gameplay and structure of the games :(
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User Info: Shinji_Vin

6 years ago#7
To me, Battlefield is fun. Honestly, I feel this is a bit faster then CoD then again I think every CoD that has come out after CoD4 is slow.
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User Info: Matt_256

6 years ago#8
The bad thing about Battlefield is that it has ruined other online shooters for me.. I bought Killzone 3 recently and while the single player is decent I find myself yawning at the multiplayer and I'm not enjoying it at all. All I keep thinking is "Wow.. BC2 is so much better than this.." the entire time. So in a way, I hate BC2 for this very reason..

User Info: SwimmingToaster

6 years ago#9
Keep in mind that Battlefield is not really a slow shooter.

Every game is slow in comparison to CoD.
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  3. Will i like BF3 if i did not like BFBC2?

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