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User Info: Skeif13

6 years ago#1
If this board were full of nothing but facts, wouldn't it only have a single page? Is it possible to talk about ANYTHING on this board without people complaining that people are too selfish or picky? Oh God, now I'm complaining about people complaining about people complaining.
Blackflipping Jets!

User Info: DreadnaughtXER0

6 years ago#2
this game needs swords
True nature of the beast known as ACTIVI$ION

User Info: hockeyjunkie28

6 years ago#3

User Info: Nekiruh

6 years ago#4
Warning: The following video may cause sudden MANLINESS -

User Info: Amnesiac30

6 years ago#5
Swords and Dinosaurs.
Seahawks to the Superbowl 2012

User Info: DieRomantiic

6 years ago#6
Amnesiac30 posted...
Swords and Dinosaurs.

"I need help over here!"


"Yo yo Frost, we added a scope to your scope so you can aim while you aim!"
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