Best pistol?

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User Info: FPSIreland

6 years ago#1
I used to use the 1911 tac but I switched to the glock 17 recently. Nothing against the 1911, but the glock's got nearly double the amount of bullets and very similar stopping power. I just don't think it's worth it...... So what do you all think is the best sidearm in the game?
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User Info: Oblivious2you66

6 years ago#2

I got two back to back double kills when I ran out of ammo for my M416 with the .44 mag. All headshots on stationary targets needless to say its my new favorite.

User Info: krakers20

6 years ago#3
The G18 is pretty good due to full auto. My friend uses it and it's saved him more than a few times.
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User Info: Jarvan4

6 years ago#4
I think it really depends on the Primary weapon

When I equip an assault rifle/SMG, it is probably better to have M1911 as the moderate damage and fire rate let you win a duel

But if I am going in with a shot gun... REX is surely my choice.
the damage allows me to kill an enemy that my shotgun cant reach

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