Stealth perk on two slots? Glitch? Hack?

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  3. Stealth perk on two slots? Glitch? Hack?

User Info: TrivialPsychic

5 years ago#1
Is this some sort of glitch, or is it a hack? Lately I've been seeing the stealth perk featured on two slots for both choppers and jets, AS WELL as on tanks. I normally wouldn't think much of it and would chalk it up to kill cam glitches, but I'm also noticing that many times, these vehicles require an extremely long time to lock onto with the SOFLAM or guided missles or heatseekers. In the case of the jets, I'm noticing some that have multiple abilities that should not be possible, such as the stealth and flares in the second slot (which is not possible, because stealth appears in the first slot only.)

As for the tanks even get a stealth option? I'm honestly not sure...but they have it equipped twice as well, and it often takes forever for a missile or javelin shot to engage. In addition I've seen some equipped with stealth, only to smoke screen as soon as I get a lock, which again...shouldn't be possible based on the where the abilities are slotted. If this were the PC version...I'd right it off as a hack, but seeing that it's there some sort of cheat going on? Has anyone else encountered the same thing?
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User Info: AoENIAC

5 years ago#2
This is a well known glitch. It is a DISPLAY glitch so they don't actually have what you see. Tested and confirmed with friends.

The only effect of this glitch is that you don't actually know what upgrades their vehicles have because it's glitching out on you and showing you stuff they have on other vehicles and slots.

You are likely imagining things when you think the lock on is taking longer than it would with regular stealth or perhaps they have stealth and ECM but you just can't see it because of the glitch. Or you simply could not be controlling your testing variables like distance and lag and cooperation with the tester. Or not using a stopwatch.
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User Info: TrivialPsychic

5 years ago#3's something that I've seen for a while, but have never really asked about until today as I've been running into some games where I'm having an increasingly tough time destroying vehicles that are getting the best of me, despite my best efforts. Normally it doesn't bother me, but the last few days, I keep seeing this display glitch pop up every time I'm mauled by a tank or plane, and it was beginning to make me feel if I was cheated out of a vehicle kill.

Perhaps the "longer" lock times can be chalked up to anxiety or that age old enemy of us all...lag. *sighs.

At least my old trusty friend has never ceased to fail me...

*picks up his C4 and goes back to work...
"Koko ga kisama no hakaba da!" - M.Bison
"WOOLAY!!!" - Quan Chi

User Info: was19

5 years ago#4
your wrong its almost impossible to lock on to someone with 3 stealth its been tested.

User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

5 years ago#5

From: was19 | #004
your wrong its almost impossible to lock on to someone with 3 stealth its been tested.

dont confuse the guy with your bad trolling please
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User Info: Master_Sarnath

5 years ago#6
Trolling or no, I've tried locking onto helos, and it's taken WAY longer than it should, sometimes it doesn't even lock-on.
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User Info: wrexwrecks

5 years ago#7
You know what, if it was a hack and it did affect the performance of the vehicle, since the most common one I see is tanks with 2 or 3 steath upgrades, I'm ok with that. I don't need a heat signature to radar lock to kill a tank with my tank or RPG. The fact that most of them seem useless is what settled it in my mind that it must be a glitch. Only a moron would hack his game so he could stick 3 stealth upgrades on his tank. Hackers may already be idiots, but they'd never fail at cheating so hard.
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User Info: DFA1

5 years ago#8
I'll confirm this is a cheat, 3x stealth, and no way to lock on

User Info: EI_Presidente

5 years ago#9
Obviously it's a hack. Haven't you seen all of the people killing you lately? All of them are hackers!
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