Ugh... some nights I wonder why I play

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User Info: Frohike

5 years ago#1
This isn't a "nobody plays this game right" thread. I'm tired of those because, even if everyone did cooperate, I've still got a problem.

I'm pretty sure I suck.

Here's my crappy profile:

First of all my question is, if anyone recognizes my name and have played with me... what the hell am I doing wrong?

I primarily play conquest on Metro, Noshar Canals, Seine, and occasional Caspian and Firestorm. I haven't messed with Rush and haven't explored the newer maps since I have a hard time keeping a steady stream of points on the maps with 4+ objectives (the action seems to be spread out all over the place).

Some nights I get on and consistently score in the top ranges for the team, and on other nights I just cannot find a groove. Based on my 251 score/min I'm pretty sure those outnumber to good nights.

So I guess my other question is, what do you do when you hit a bad streak? Switch jobs, switch gear, stop playing certain maps? Should I just put the game down and walk away for awhile? How do you get out of the rut?

At most I'll play for 2 hours / night and it seems like if I go longer I enter a time zone where a ton of rank 50+ are on and my fatigue sets in and my performance just takes a nosedive.

Any general tips or advice are appreciated. If based on my hours logged it looks like I'm just doomed to be mediocre or I'm fundamentally missing something, I'd also like to know that.

Anyway, thanks for reading :/

User Info: ZosKiaCultus

5 years ago#2
Everyone has a brick wall when it comes to skill. Not saying you hit it, mind you.

Your w/l is positive which is all I care about when it comes to my own stats.

Do you usually play alone? That can make a difference for a lot of people. I do better when playing with friends. George is gettin' upset! Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided

User Info: widowmaker_aa7

5 years ago#3
1. Your weapon accuracy is really low, work on that.
2. If you're playing CQ all the time, why do you have such low vehicle score? You main Engy after all.
3. If you're still using the SCAR, stop. It's awful.
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User Info: Frohike

5 years ago#4
I play alone. I have one friend who plays occasionally but I can't break him out of his Recon habit to play other styles.

User Info: alpo706

5 years ago#5
Based on your accuracy and your K/D, I'd say the reason for your low SPM is that you keep dying, not that you're being too passive. I think your problem is that you're not a good shot.

It's difficult to train that. Try sticking to one solid weapon you feel comfortable with for a little while, use the same optics, and really focus on winning more firefights. Can't play the objective when you're dead.

Your W/L is positive, even with the low K/D and SPM, so your instincts/tactics are better than average. Just work on the basics.

User Info: Frohike

5 years ago#6
I use G36C on engineer now; the SCAR was starting to drive me nuts.

I actually don't play engineer as much as when I first started, and when I did I primarily supported other vehicles or blew them up.

I've been gravitating more toward Support lately. Thanks for the tip about the accuracy... I need to work on more controlled fire, particularly with LMG. The muzzle climb just kills me.

User Info: Pyrogoat

5 years ago#7
One thing to keep in mind is your approach. If you're moving really quickly and just rushing up to take objectives you'll get killed a lot. Especially if you're getting into CQC with many of the weapons you use. (I agree about ditching the SCAR, I'd recommend moving to the M4A1 personally).

If the recoil is killing you on support weapons try out the M27 IAR, my favorite support gun!

Slow yourself down just a little and move through routes that aren't high traffic, approach objectives assuming that an ambush is waiting for you. The idea is to approach from a direction that is less expected so that you can surprise your enemies.

Also, remember to make good use of your toys. Heal up team mates, resupply them, set traps with C4 and AT mines. You should be trying to use your gadgets most times when you spawn, don't waste their potential.

Also, don't be afraid to research specific issues you're having. I had all kinds of trouble taking out tanks with my engineer until I learned that the angle your rocket strikes from has a big impact on damage.... once I started shooting for the back of the tank, at close to 90 degrees it was night and day.

User Info: ZosKiaCultus

5 years ago#8
Definitely find a weapon that feels right for you if you haven't. And yeah, try more time in vehicles. Especially tanks.

When do you usually play? George is gettin' upset! Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided

User Info: wilsonpalacios

5 years ago#9
don't worry about your accuracy, mine is awful and i do fine. definitely don't start waiting to fire until you're sure you'll hit etc.

User Info: BattleAxeRX

5 years ago#10
stick with your squad or some teammates and try to figure out where the enemy is. use cover. don't get caught with your pants down, this will keep you alive more.

also, yes, low accuracy can be a sign that you are purposely suppressing the enemy so they can't fire back as well.
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