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EA removes new weapons from BF3 Aftermath and End Game DLC

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User Info: serdars

5 years ago#1
And here we go again. It seems that EA has removed some content from Battlefield 3;s upcoming DLC, Aftermath and End Game. According to the official BF3 Twitter account, Aftermath was supposed to include new weapons, however it has been confirmed that both Aftermath and End Game won’t feature any new weapons.
This is not the first time EA has done such a thing. A while ago, the company promised 5 vehicles unlocks for the base game with the Armored Kill DLC. Unfortunately, that never happened and a lot of BF3 fans (and owners of Premium) got annoyed and upset. Seems that EA and DICE have not learned from that lesson, though.
On the other hand, BF3 already features a large number of weapons, and we don’t really want to see more weapons to it. Furthermore, DICE has originally promised 20 weapons for Premium owners and have delivered (Karkand added 10 weapons and Close Quarters added 10 more (meaning 20 in total). However, we are certain that some Premium owners were looking forward to the weapons that were announced for Aftermath and since they were promised to be featured, they should be there.
EA has silently removed the additional weapons from both Aftermath’s and End Game’s profile pages in Battlelog. Below you can find a Battlelog screen-grab from 3 months ago on premium section (left) and from today’s premium section (right). Now imagine if EA and DICE did this for a game-mode, or a map, or whatever feature they felt was not needed. This is unacceptable because some gamers bought the Premium service with those features in mind and you can’t go ahead and alter the content of a promised/planned pack.
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User Info: ninjaman148

5 years ago#2
Uh oh.
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User Info: -TigerJackson-

5 years ago#5
i love how this passage states many times on how premium owners are being screwed. Did you guys really think buying a premium service from EA was ever a good idea? don't buy premium services.
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User Info: NovaLevossida

5 years ago#6
Most relevant thing I could find for those of us who already paid for Premium:
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User Info: YouStillHateMe

5 years ago#7
premium included 20 new weapons

10 farkland
10 cqc
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User Info: RedFive3

5 years ago#8
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User Info: DanKiller7

5 years ago#9
I wanted the DLC's for the map packs. I really don't care about new guns and no one uses most of the variety we have now anyway.
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User Info: fatclemenza

5 years ago#10

I feel like not getting Premium was a better idea every day.


Also, I didn't think there were going to be new weapons in Aftermath and End Game anyway. Instead of "10 new weapons" it just said "new weapons". That means you might have just gotten a new knife skin and something near useless like the M320 LVG. It wasn't part of any "10 new weapons" but it found its way in Close Quarters anyway.
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