Don't come here a lot, but thought I'd share a pyschology trick

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  3. Don't come here a lot, but thought I'd share a pyschology trick

User Info: Bronsini

5 years ago#1
I frequent message boards often, I know how often things can be repeated, so I apologize if this is already a well known trick, I'm new to this board.

If I am under the impression that a tank is going to kill me, and I have no equipment to take it out (often assualt), I usually take a chance at fooling the tank driver. Works best with only one person in the tank.

I simply run up to the side of the tank, throw some stuff around or in general just run around him(making sure not to be run over) until he jumps out assuming I have placed C4 on his tank. When the 'O' button on the tank appears, I hop in, back up, and usually am able to completely confuse and kill the original tank driver!

It doesn't always work, sometimes the gunner will jump out, and you have to multitask. But I have gotten this to work a lot. People panic and just jump out and RUN as fast as they can from the tank, which means I jump in, and blast 'em!
Bronsini:The Original Alberta Beef.

User Info: billyjeanmurder

5 years ago#2
Ya that works on me all the time, they usually don't ever manage to steal my tank though. I tried doing that with a friend and we ended up grabbing both enemy tanks.

User Info: DuaIFace

5 years ago#3

If anyone jumps out of a tank/vehicle when it's not a Support class running up to the side...they deserve to have their wheels stolen.

User Info: Spetsnaz420

5 years ago#4
Ahh the tactic I call fools support...recon is a poor class for this task since they look so distinctive
PSN: Spetsnaz420

User Info: billyjeanmurder

5 years ago#5
So does the American support class, I think the russian team is the team to use this with

User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

5 years ago#6
I have been doing this since SOCOM:CA. Don't share the secret.

(I'm infamous for once charging at an enemy tank with nothing but an AK-47... Fun times.)
Embrace your death.
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  3. Don't come here a lot, but thought I'd share a pyschology trick

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