EOD bot kill made easy

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User Info: The_Bub

5 years ago#11
The TAR isn't even worth the miniscule effort imo.
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User Info: Erick298

5 years ago#12
just cheat with a friend. have him switch teams and kill each other with a bot.
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User Info: Thermador446

5 years ago#13
Jobu_in_the_502 posted...
I know, thats what makes this so frustrating, i played a max sniper game, i was so mad and cussing and slapping myself trying to drive that stupid machine. I will nevee get that gun

I found a guy with the EOD bot that would have been an easy kill, but I didn't know how to drive the damn thing either.

I actually did get an EOD bot kill once, but it was before I unlocked the 2nd assignment.
It was kind of an accident. I set it next to a tank that was getting blown up when I tried to swap to AT mines that I didn't have equipped; Since it was just touching it(I wasn't even in the control thing), it got credited with the kill.

How do you use the torch on the EOD bot anyway?
that might be part of my problem.
Im sorry but Im not equipped to reach a conclusion regarding that assessment at this time and whats more let me add that Iwill explode your head for saying that

User Info: Double991

5 years ago#14
With the TAR I use the Kobra with Foregrip and Heavy Barrel. It's a simple setup but it works for me.
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User Info: SH_expert44

5 years ago#15
From: Thermador446 | #013
How do you use the torch on the EOD bot anyway?
that might be part of my problem.


the easiest way i found is to just kill a tank with it. hang out at firestorm at B flag and wait for a tank to come to the middle of B and fight with another tank and get right up on it and torch it. you can kill one in like 5 seconds and if another tank is fighting it its even faster.
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User Info: MercuryPSP

5 years ago#16
I am not one to boost, nor condone it. Though I admit, I boosted the **** out of that stupid assignment. I rarely ever play engineer, and would never use that stupid bot.

The best way to get this kill is find a friend who needs the assignment done. Join a CQC match that is empty and only needs 2 to start. EOD bot kill each other. Took 2 minutes tops.
PSN: MercuryEQ

User Info: psycadelix

5 years ago#17
Its not hard really, i did it on first try, then decided to see if i could kill someone else with it, just for giggles and did. Most people just ignore the bot rolling round the map. I went ont Ziba Tower, TDM and went off, people run around like headless chickens. I was going down a corridor and an enemy was rushing my way. Didnt even attempt to shoot me so i zapped him as we came to a head. Boom, killed him. Then went and did it again!. Honestly think a map with narrow areas and people running about is the way to do it. Chances are the have took a bullet or 2 before you see em then 1 zap and their dead.

User Info: Spetsnaz420

5 years ago#18
Easy solution...large vehicle map just drive it out and flank a tank...you can go right underneath...got 3 tanks in a row doing this...also got a pair hiding around a corner...toasty
PSN: Spetsnaz420

User Info: BeefBones

5 years ago#19
Not sure if this would work but if you put down AT mines, suicided/get killed, and then started playing with the Eod bot, would it count for the bot when somebody got killed by the mines? I know it works with jets, boats, AA, helos, etc, so it might work with the bot as well.

User Info: _V1

5 years ago#20
EOD bot kills are easy. i got many, when doing that assignment, very easily on Seine Crossing
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