The PDW-R.

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User Info: OhGood

4 years ago#1
Great gun, or greatest gun?

I go with the latter.
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User Info: it_r_over9000

4 years ago#2
Its like a G36C except no heavy barrel. I'd rather use the MP7 or M5K.

User Info: jqh97116

4 years ago#3
I just started using it again after not doing so since I unlocked it and I think it's a great gun, as long as you have extended mag.
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User Info: Campbell3790

4 years ago#4
It used to be the best Pdw.
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#5
I still prefer MP7

PDW-R is better at range though
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User Info: Yuwai

4 years ago#6
The PDW-R is factually one of the worst guns in the game stat-wise. This is not debatable.

But it still kills people, so who cares if you like to use it or not.
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User Info: Barrel Dragon

Barrel Dragon
4 years ago#7
AS-VAL master race.

User Info: Captain_Sexy_T

4 years ago#8
My PP is bigger.
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User Info: digUbetterdead

4 years ago#9
Barrel Dragon posted...
AS-VAL master race.

User Info: ParryACO

4 years ago#10
PDR's probably my favorite PDW. The thing is absolutely disgusting with just extended mags.

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